Roaring Umbra: Partial Solar Eclipse at 18°41’ Leo

In moments of personal victory, is one’s energy guided by the blaze of creative wisdom, or is it, instead, scorched by e-motive annihilation? When “in the grip of the lion’s paw”, the process prior to triumph not only defines strength of character, but is equally symbolic of moral courage and self-restraint.

Leo, Latin for lion, is the only sign in the zodiacal sphere portrayed as a ‘beast of prey’. The Latin etymology of Leo, namely, to ‘blot out, to annihilate, to destroy’, aligns with the foundational nature of the lion. [Carey, p.130] Leo synthesizes with the fifth division of the human body via motion, energy manifesting in action, and the anatomical parts corresponding with the heart and motor nerves. Concerned with dividing, lifting, and circulating the blood, the heart’s great mass of muscular tissue receives from the inner sun in Aries the ‘divine fire’ [Carey, p.131] in order to generate both tangible and invisible activities. Therefore, in order to harmoniously labor with The Ram, all precipitated energy must be constructively wielded by The Lion.

At 18°41’ Leo, lavished via Jupitarian rulership, ample triumph spawns in The Lion’s second face. In the Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Agrippa notes “…a man on whose head is a Crown; he hath the appearance of an angry man, and one that threatneth, having in his right hand a Sword drawn out…” It emphasizes “hidden contentions, unknown victories, base men… quarrels and battels [battles]” Furthermore, multiple figures adorned with laurels emerge violently victorious, illustrated by Ezra as a man wearing “…a crown of white myrtle, and a bow in hand [who] is fierce like a lion in his anger.” This imagery is echoed in (both the Arabic and Latin) Picatrix, alongside Birhat Jakata, whose “man… with white garlands [is] fierce as a lion with a bow in the hand…” Noted is the annihilatory nature of The Lion, now lacking harmony with the inner Sun or divine spark of Aries, and, as a result, unable to constructively wield the embers of motion (versus e-motion) and creative action.

As Luna’s penumbra pierces Augustus’ solar rays, this year’s final eclipse conjoins Pallas Athena and Mercury retrograde (at 17°06’ and 14°41’ Leo, respectively). Its potent focus, propelled by the wayward waltz of Hermes’ inferior conjunction (retrograde), finalizes this year’s ecliptic impetus in the axis of The Lion and Water Bearer (until 1/20/19). In essence, the partial solar eclipse merges the necessity of mental agility in alignment with purity of creative (life-bestowing) intent.

The heightened potential of Mercury’s fiery flight through Leo’s lunar umbrage blazes thought, opinion, and events which not only digress from the main current, but merge the above and below (i.e., the conscious and unconscious/ rational and irrational vigour of the mind). This cerebral voyage molds an interface between the establishment and the more progressive social factions, while merging the spiritual and soulful modes of consciousness. The unification of this mental excursion offers cultural diversity through new options and previously unimagined perspectives. However, these benefits request mental magnification, fortitude and cerebral flexibility beyond The Greater Benefic’s (Jupiter) currently opaque lens, in order to adjust and reform antiquated views. Mercury’s square to Jupiter, the most potent aspect apart from the actual eclipse, offers a macro-perspective, encompassing broad themes, structures, and abstract thought. However, its idealism and overt generalization can dismiss important details that significantly impede the fruition of visionary goals. Fortunately, Pallas Athena (Jupiter’s parthenogenetic daughter) in Leo, functioning as one’s capacity for realization and accomplishment, invokes the wisdom of creative spontaneity that spawns new modes of unique visionary expression. Conjoining the eclipse, Pallas Athena coalesces the mental-creative principle with the emotive realm in lucidity of the feminine expression.

While Jupiter challenges our levels of realism throughout this eclipse, its harmony with Neptune bestows much-needed humanitarian and empathic qualities. Participation in altruistic work is both likely and beneficial. The Jupiter-Neptune dialogue, stimulating the esoteric realm of our personalities, potentially ushers professors, mentors, or suitable guides that foster progress in spiritual endeavors or other meaningful journies.

At 19°41’ Leo, fixed Star Merak, a pale-green star in the flank of the Great Bear, conjoins the eclipse, and is said to bestow “a love of command and domination”. According to Ebertin, it fortifies perseverance and is influenced by the potency of Mars. [Ebertin, p.49] Additionally, the eclipse finds fixed stars Acubens and Dubhe conjunct Mercury. Of Mercury-Saturn influence, Acubens is stationed on the southern claw of The Crab near the head of the Hydra constellation. Popularly termed “the sheltering of hiding place,” fixed star Acubens is said to beget “activity, malevolence and poison, making its natives liars and criminals.’ [Robson, p.116] According to Dr. Morse, Acuben’s more positive quality stems from a “sharp intellect” and seamless problem-solving capabilities, “for which one might earn public renown.” However, Dr. Morse notes the latter as resulting from covert influence of external factors. [Dr. Eric Morse, p.50] Additionally, fixed star Dubhe, a yellow star perched on the back of the Great Bear (via Ptolemy’s location) is associated with the destructive nature of Mars [Ebertin, p.43]. However, it is likewise concerned with insight, persistence, and passive strength [Brady, p. 160] Dubhe’s constructive fortitude involves the ability to apply time to problem-solving strategies, alongside its faith in life’s rhythmic patterns.

Leo’s second face is attributed to the Six of Wands, yet another affluent emblem of victory (as per the RWS tarot), mirroring the optimism of its Jupitarian rulership, and paralleling the images of conquest previously excavated (in Leo’s second decanate). A young man on a white horse, adorned by a crowning wreath (on both the head and wand), proudly greets a jovial crowd in regal triumph. The traditional meaning of this card denotes victory following prolonged perseverance, labor, and the tenacity echoed by the The Lion’s strength.

In the Epinomis and Chaldean Oracles, Leo’s second face corresponds to Isis, the Egyptian goddess of protection and magical prowess. Isis, Egyptian Aset or Eset, is considered one of the most prominent goddesses of ancient Egypt. In resonance with the regal prestige of Leo II, her name is the Greek form of an ancient Egyptian word for ‘throne’. However, in the second face of Leo, she emerges as a merciful expression invoking the potency of creative, life-bestowing action and progress.

 Eclipse Visibility 

The maximal phase of the partial eclipse will be recorded in the East Siberian Sea, near the Wrangel Island.

The Partial Solar eclipse, whose maximal phase will register in the east Siberian Sea near the Wrangel Island, retains visibility in Canada, Greenland, Scotland, most of the Nordic countries (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland), Estonia, Latvia, Russia (excluding southwest of Pskov), Moscow, Penza, eastern points of the Far East, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and China. During sunset, the eclipse is observable in North and South Korea.

Possible Social Effects

Solar eclipses in Leo are generally intense, as its fixed mode denotes lasting duration. However, because this is a partial eclipse, it can, to a lesser extent, influence matters related to governments, rulerships, management, nuclear power, expenditure, gold, vacation and recreation industries. Leaders may either rise or fall to power, and the economy can be impacted via banking (resulting from the influence of fellow fixed signs Taurus and Scorpio). Stocks may erratically oscillate within a period of 30 days to a year of this eclipse. Finally, broad events including political demonstrations upon groups and their governments/ leaders can be expected. Again, please note that because this is a partial eclipse, these effects are both lessened and relative to the visibility in one’s location (see eclipse visibility).

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* The eclipse is exact on the day of Saturn, August 11th, at 5:57 AM ET.

2018 Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes and General Guidance

2018 Lunar Eclipse General Guidance

Note: this information is intended as general guidance and, ideally, should be accompanied by a thorough analysis of your chart to determine how this eclipse will specifically effect you. To provide guidance for a lunar eclipse, we examine the ascendant/ rising, Sun, and opposite sign. For this lunation, consider the degree(s) close to 4° Aquarius (including planets and first decanate), the remaining fixed signs (as pertinent to your chart), and their corresponding houses.

Aries Rising/ Aries Sun

This lunar eclipse accentuates shifts in your eleventh house of long-term aspirations, emphasizing your social structure, pertinent contributions, and group leadership efforts. Friendships, philanthropy, and visionary goals might fluctuate, requiring fear-based release in order to accommodate growth and individualized expression. Social betterment and eclectic self-development are also areas of importance and re-evaluation. Dissolution of antiquated structures may surface, in order to transform humanitarian work, civil rights concerns, and social discovery. Your opposite sign: read Libra for further guidance.

Taurus Rising/ Taurus Sun

This lunation focuses on your tenth house of vocation and personal mission. Transformative shifts can occur in career, social leadership/ status, reputation, career-related groups and associations, following your life-path, and the platonic side of parenthood. Radical decisions can surface for analysis and proper integration, while perspectives regarding mentors, coaches, and paternal figures may change to accommodate re-evaluation. Confront the necessary fear-based patterns regarding your life-purpose in order to facilitate growth. Your opposite sign: read Scorpio for further guidance.

Gemini Rising/ Gemini Sun

This eclipse may surge celestial shifts in your ninth house of higher education, wisdom, and long-distance excursions. Flying, foreign lands, the media, publishing, public speaking, ideals, conferences, cultural events and social experience, education/ teaching, publicity and promotion, philosophy, and worldly perspectives are emphasized and can beckon re-evaluation. Release of antiquated patterns regarding higher knowledge may surge at this time, in order to support long-term development. Your opposite sign: read Sagittarius for further guidance.

Cancer Rising/ Cancer Sun

This eclipse addresses shifts pertinent to your eighth house. This includes re-alignment via self-transformation and the capacity for crisis management. Likewise, change is probable relative to terminations, death and detachment, psychological strain, radical dissolution of antiquated patterns, external resources relative to finances (e.g. taxes, banks, inheritances, loans, spouse’s money, and general income), healing arts, psychology, astrology, self-actualization, analysis and research, sexual identity (including liberation and experimentation), psychic influence, and communication with other beings or realms. You can be summoned to inspect and purge limiting belief structures regarding personal value. Your opposite sign: read Capricorn for further guidance.

Leo Rising/ Leo Sun

The lunar eclipse can potentially reform your seventh house of marriage, spouse, public contact and partnerships. Changes and the dissolution of outmoded patterns may occur in your relations with guides, counselors, group contracts, creative partnerships, and platonic relationships (including elders and those of the opposite gender). While this emphasis may not bestow unexpected opportunities and aid from external sources, it is wise to develop your independent fortitude. As the Sun returns to your sign, Leo, your resilience stems from within. Your opposite sign: read Aquarius for further guidance.

Virgo Rising/ Virgo Sun

This eclipse highlights your health regimes and services rendered through work. It can bring shifts to new health regimes, releasing archaic patterns for the adaptation of innovative health interests. Likewise, this eclipse brings attention to circulatory conditions, the physical heart organ, sways in blood pressure, the electrical body current, nervous system, magnetic fields (EMFs), and mental health. Shifts in social/ volunteer work and philanthropic services may require revision. Your opposite sign: read Pisces for further guidance.

Libra Rising/ Libra Sun

This eclipse inspects your fifth house of self-expression, children, romance, and creativity. Visual arts, dancing, group recreation, advisors, education, management, pleasure, play, ideal happiness, philanthropic vacations, and excursions of anthropological interest can shift and beget transformation. Changes in your mode of self-expression that deviate from fear and antiquated patterns will aid you in progress and expansion.Your opposite sign: read Aries for further guidance.

Scorpio Rising/ Scorpio Sun

This eclipse effects your foundational fourth house of emotive security, home, and parental guidance. Shifts can occur via property, group housing, architecture, parents, mentors, non-biological parental figures, relocations, home air quality (carbon), weather patterns, emotional security, friends or siblings residing in your home, emotional freedom, and detachment from home or parents. Emotional security can be examined from a deeper perspective by confronting and releasing fear-based patterns. Your opposite sign: read Taurus for further guidance.

Sagittarius Rising/ Sagittarius Sun

This eclipse revolutionizes your third house of mental development and communication. Shifts can occur in areas pertinent to relatives and siblings, public speaking, mental visioning, future visioning, creative writing, imagination, friendships, self-development, studies, self-education, creative thinking, leisure and exploration, hidden talents, inventing, journalism, computers and technology, short journeys, and humanitarian communication. Mental effects can be profound, and it is important to monitor heightened mental states (such as excessive idealism or, conversely, depressive states). Your opposite sign: read Gemini for further guidance.

Capricorn Rising/ Capricorn Sun

This lunation addresses your second house of finances and self-value. This eclipse may influence change in one or more of the following: financial innovation, banking, business ideas, public or national effect on your income (or salary), expenditures on large projects, charitable donations, possessions, dietary changes and food consumption. Your sense of self-value will be inspected and purged, if necessary, of outdated/ karmic patterns. Your opposite sign: read Cancer for further guidance.

Aquarius Rising/ Aquarius Sun

Because this lunar eclipse occurs in your own sign, its impact is particularly potent. Occurring in your first house, your self image, societal role, appearance/ persona, physical vessel, individual purpose, and imagination may all reach close scrutiny. Amplified is the Aquarian theme of personal liberation, and shifts/ new roles must be compromised amongst partners. This eclipse effects the electro-magnetic field, most sensitively felt in Aquarius, while physical and cerebral stamina, under the lunar eclipse, can be accompanied by fatigue. Your opposite sign: read Leo for further guidance.

Pisces Rising/ Pisces Sun

This eclipse addresses your twelfth house of the subconscious realm, your traditional home in the zodiac wheel. The sleep-state, including dreams and prophetic messages can be effected. This extends to places of (and time spent in) isolation. Spiritual interests, occultism, meditation, psychic experiences and vulnerability (favorable time to employ protection), sacrifice, charity, mental addictions, and work in structures containing isolated people (hospitals, hospices, prisons, remote places) can see shifts. Be mindful (and protective of) your mental health but simultaneously, do not avoid confronting outdated/ karmic patterns in the subconscious realm (as the process of release can bring you vast growth potential).

Your opposite sign: read Virgo for further guidance.

Further Eclipse Recommendations

Light (candles) for the Sun and Luna:

In order to equalize the imbalance of celestial light, gold (yellow or orange can be substituted for Apollo) and white candles should be maintained lit (honoring the Sun and Luna). Their respective sigils and glyphs should be carved into the beeswax and placed near photographs of yourself or family.

Magnetized Water:

Magnetized water can aid those sensitive to the EMF fluctuations that accompany eclipses. By improving the ability of our drinking water to dissolve compounds, we can increase its oxygen content. This enhancement, in turn, makes natural nutrients more readily available to our bodies. In addition, Magnetized Water has increased alkalinity, which helps to regulate the body’s pH level. []

Crystal Grids:

To ground, dissolve EMFs, soothe nerves, and reduce rage via the effects of Mars, compose a crystal grid of Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Sugilite, and Howlite, amplified by herkimer diamonds.

Shungite is especially useful in protection from EMFs as well as psychic protection. Place a handful of shungite stones next to your electronics—like your computer, microwave, cell phone and television. Shungite benefits and healing powers come from its rare, noncrystalline carbon mineral foundation, according to crystal expert Judy Hall.

Sugilite is useful for those who are highly sensitive and take on whatever energies are around them. This crystal aids in imperviousness to negativity and the disharmony of others. In times of discouragement or despair, Sugilite can draw in comforting energy, bringing peace and relaxation to the emotional body. [Simmons, 386][Raphaell, 122-123][Melody, 626]

Howlite is a calming stone that is usually used to relieve anger, tensions, and stress. It ameliorates the overactive mind and controls anxiety. []

Incense and Herbs:

Rose, Myrtle, Jasmine, Benzoin, Apple, Chamomile, Cardamom, Gardenia, hyacinth, Lilac, Magnolia, and Vanilla. Recommend herb: Vervain. Vervain is used as a treatment against depression, headaches, nervousness and insomnia. Its relaxing effects are believed to relieve writer’s block. It is fragrant and can be drunk as a tea or burned as an incense.

July 27 2018 Total Lunar Eclipse: Toil and Triumph

How do we best endure crisis? When change’s certainty looms unannounced, we are often forced to confront the unknown with voiceless humility and grace. Beyond the relinquishment of preconceived existence, truth’s immeasurable beauty emerges, heralding uncharted experience.

At 4° 44’ Aquarius, the lengthiest total lunar eclipse of this century (occurring near apogee at 1 hour, 42 minutes, and 57 seconds) is barricaded between the South Node and retrograde Mars (at 5° 53′ and 3° 58′ Aquarius, respectively). Its potent focus, largely fueled by the ferocity of Mars, portends to the ultimate pulverization of the past’s antiquated patterns. Herein is the precipice of willful exodus: the first face of Aquarius heralds the abandonment of oppression in favor of spiritual transcendance. Crystallized belief structures supressing progress potentially surge and shatter, if we laboriously wield the fixed (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus) and retrograde (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron) energy emphasized in this eclipse’s chart.

Paralleling Saturnian perseverance, Aquarius’ first decanate evokes imagery of independent labor and thought. While The Timekeeper’s presence surveys Aquarius (via traditional rulership and triplicity), in decan I, his stoicism is pronounced as “a prudent man and the form of a woman spinning”. Here, the impression of steady, incessant work services a broader intent. According to Agrippa, significance denotes “thinking and working for gain in poverty, and for usefulness.” While scarcity and toil “in poverty and baseness” are emblematic of Saturn, allusion to Venus is disclosed by Ezra as “a man skilled in copper”. Derived from the word Kyprus, copper signals the island of Cyprus, regarded as Aphrodite’s birthplace. Again, in Picatrix (both Arabic and Latin correspondences), Venus emerges as “a man (holding) a peacock”. Although the first face of Aquarius is enshrouded in laborious imagery, its Venusian correspondence unveils the pleasure of personal independence.

Out-of-bounds Mars (7/7-9/24/18) conjoins Luna on the South Node, accentuating a prominent shift within its retrograde phase (6/26-8/27/18) that re-evaluates our collective contribution while reclaiming individuality and freedom. Particular receptivity stems from dismantling that which stagnates motivation, inspiration, and impedes individual growth. Out-of-bounds Mars correlates with cataclysmic manifestations of the yang’s penumbra. While socially erupting via war, violence, and dominion, collective recognition and con-structive action toward imperative change is Mars’ higher potential, and its masculine energy is best wielded past the archaic structures of societal paradigms.

The total lunar eclipse (along with Mars) conjoins fixed stars Giedi, Dabih, Oculus, and Bos, all within the Capricornus Constellation (in the head of the Sea-Goat). At 4° 1′ Aquarius, Giedi’s nature, simultaneously Venusian and Martian (according to Ptolemy), is “associated with piety and self-sacrifice.” [Larousse’s Encyclopedia of Astrology] At 4° 18′ Aquarius, fixed star Dabih denotes an “influential position but scarcely realizes ambitions, (along with) trouble through (the) opposite sex, deserved criticism and censure. [Robson, p.157.] At a mere 28′ distance, Oculus and Bos (at 4° 58′ and 5° 25′ Aquarius, respectively) being Venusian and Saturnian in nature, influence conservatism and a lack of progressiveness in crisis. [Morse, p.101] Overall, the Capricornus constellation bestows potent influence over human affairs, directing shifts in areas regarding climate and political customs.

In the Epinomis and Chaldean Oracles, Aquarius’ first face corresponds to Dikē, Greek goddess of enforced moral justice. Under Saturnian rulership and in alliance with this decan’s emblem of willful exodus, Dikē’s sword severs partnerships incongruent with the moral compass of Lady Justice. As her indiscriminate cleave cuts past all hindrances of freedom and liberation, Aquarius’ first facade toils to pulverize the barricades of injustice.

Aquarius’ modern ruler, Uranus, squares the Sun, Luna, Mars, and the nodal axis, magnifying the impetus and prophetical potency of this lunation. Unprecedented events saturated by Uranian unpredictability via erratic swerves and transformative severing from the past are probable themes. This seeming whirlwind of chaotic disarray is somewhat anchored as Uranus trines Saturn, however, supporting rigorous integration of this lunation’s forthcoming shifts. As Uranus’ current harmonizes with The GateKeeper, the strive for change is patiently labored through strategic efforts. While this eclipse pierces the emotive core, Luna’s semi-sextile to Saturn brings necessary equilibrium between obligations and emotional needs. Although the amplification of Mars grapples repressed and subconscious anger, Luna and Saturn work to prevent otherwise lamentable actions. Lastly, the Venus-Pluto trine unravels the depths of relationship dynamics, offering profound assertion through psychological insights. In essence, this intensification is the psyche’s own power, now seeking expression through the physical vessel.

Eclipse Visibility

At the exactitude of the 21st century’s greatest eclipse, Luna lies near the zenith from a point in the Indian Ocean that is east of Madagascar. This lunation is visibly posited for Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. While a portion of South America will view fragments of its final stages (as Luna rises), this eclipse’s visibility will not extend to North America.

Possible Environmental Effects

The Aquarian lunar eclipse, as a fixed air mode, influences the air, trees, birds, human communications (particularly as this lunation is ushered by Mercury retrograde), transit, transportation, electricity, hurricanes, tornadoes, winds, polluted air, airborne disease, radiation, wind energy, computer technology, postal systems, communication networks, and space discoveries. Magnifying the fixed mode, this eclipse suggests long-term, finalizing results.

On the day of Venus, the July 27th Total Lunar Eclipse is exact at 4:41 PM ET.

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Castor and the Phoenix: Partial Solar Eclipse at 20° 41′ Cancer

What is luxury? As defined by the third decanate of The Mother archetype, it is ‘having more than we need’ [Coppock]. At 20° 41′, The Crab’s third face grapples the dynamics of earthly excess and scarcity in earnest inquiry, as this decanate juxtaposes the advantage and precariousness of both extremes.

In the Rider Waite’s Four of Cups, the tarot card coalesced with this decan, a levitating hand offers a cup to a man perched beneath a tree (already in possession of three cups). The adept’s crossed arms imply the refusal to claim more than he requires, and this card’s ascetic interpretation echoes the ethics of Victorian esotericists accountable for its creation.

Paralleling this decan’s Jupitarian rulership (via triplicity/ parasara), multiple images unravel excursion in search for affluence. In Ibn Ezra, Cancer III depicts “a man… (who) intends to go to sea and bring gold and silver to make rings for his wives.” Not only is this search pertinent to luxurious commodities (in the form of gold and silver), but the concept of excess extends to partner multiplicity. Again, in the Birhat Jakarta, we encounter “a man with serpents… crossing the ocean in search of wife’s jewels.” Both men navigate the sea (Pisces/ Neptune in modern rulership) in search of abundance (Jupiter).

At 20° 14′, fixed star Castor, in the head of the Northern Twin, precisely conjoins the Sun and Luna. Castor, illuminated beside its counterpart Pollux, is a binary star associated with “skill in taming and managing horses.” [Robson p.154] In the Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology, Castor is associated with “guile and duplicity.” According to Brady, Castor conjunct Luna fosters therapeutic use of humor and the involvement in education. In paran with the Sun, Castor promotes “skilled language and professions linked with writing and communication”. [Brady p.146]

Luna-ruled Cancer, beyond its correspondence to the foundational roots of physical home and family (including the maternal womb), refers to the body as habitat for spirit. Therefore, the physical vessel must be honored in the pursuit of earthly work. As the interminable escapade for security unfurls through this decan’s imagery (summoning visions of jewels, luxuries, and excess), we realize that the only authentic source of security stems from within.

Favorably, an earthy grand trine between Capricornian Saturn, Taurean Uranus and Juno, and Virgoan Venus and Ceres fosters the solidity necessary to ground our higher self in the physical sphere. Further support is offered by the continuing Jupiter-Neptune trine, activating all three water signs via eclipse energy, and harnessing the fortitude of our imaginations and sense of initiative.

As eclipses become potent accelerators of transformation and growth via endings and renewals, the Cancerian lunation emotively dismantles, albeit uncomfortably, facets of our lives that neither nurture nor support our core progression. Despite this lunation’s tenebrous facade, eclipse energy illuminates the obscured stagnancy that, under Cancerian influence, beckons intuitive and emotive release.

The exact solar and lunar opposition to Pluto intensifies the transformative potency of this lunation. Pluto stirs an impenetrable force that incessantly functions within the depths of our unconsciousness, as its energies govern both our undercurrents and elevation. Arriving as inconspicuously as a new day’s dawn, its energy transforms from a core, visceral foundation, and alters the self with impervious permanence. As a vehicle for transformative transcendence, Pluto molds the self as a silhouette salvaged from the depths of putridity. In evolutionary essence, its planetary vestige is one of grace and regeneration.

*Note: In our charts, the house near 20 degrees Cancer is the focal point for potential rebirth. Prominent planets on or in close proximity to the eclipse’s degree will manifest change more rapidly. As always, for further insight, we refer to the previous two eclipses (namely, the 1/31/18 Leo lunar eclipse and the 2/15/18 Aquarius solar eclipse, respectively).

The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse occurs on July 12, 2018, at 10:47 PM EDT.

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Thrice-Greatest: The Transformative Power of Mercury Retrograde

The synodic cycle of Mercury completes a set of movements in approximately 116 days, repeated thrice within the 365-day calendar year. As the sway between Mercury and the Sun reaches exactitude, the triad repetition of this relationship forms an approximate triangle within the zodiacal sphere.

As the pirouette between The Messenger and Helios quickens, two pivotal unions occur, namely, the superior and inferior conjunctions. Firstly, the superius (Latin for ‘above’) or superior conjunction occurs during Mercury’s direct zodiacal sway. This cosmic rhythm starts as Mercury speeds beyond the solar rays, and roams before the Sun. Consequently, it is the inferius (Latin for ‘below’) or inferior conjunction that occurs during Mercury’s retrograde motion. During this union, Helios and The Messenger journey in opposite directions and Mercury rushes past the Sun with even more accelerated momentum.

“That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of One thing.” -Hermès Trismegistus (Thrice-Greatest), The Emerald Tablet

Although this famous passage is often misinterpreted to suggest that the causes of earthly events are embedded in the cosmos, there is dual correspondence in momentum (as below, so above and as above, so below). The passage’s implication is one of interaction, accentuating the unraveling of co-operative creation. In parallel, Mercury marks his strongest elongation above the horizon in the western evening sky prior to retrograde, vanishing below the horizon in conjunction with the Sun.

As a visual spectacle, Mercury’s retrograde motion is an act of in-visibility, synonymous with an oscillating odyssey into shrouded or hermetical realms. The transformative power of Mercury’s retrograde stems from its juxtaposition of four probabilities in a condensed time frame of about forty days: above, below, direct, and retrograde.

Mercury enters its shadow zone on July 7th, stationing retrograde on the 26th at 1:02 AM (EDT). This inferior conjunction (retrograde) will occur in fixed Leo. Although the Lion/ Queen/ King/ Child is adventurous, considering the entirety of the current cosmic screen, there is little confidence in risk-taking. Instead, this pathway is an opportunity for reassessment of our basic human needs for individuality/ self-expression, spiritedness, instinctive knowledge, and optimism. As part of the fire trinity, retrograde Mercury in Leo begins to re-evaluate current sources of creative fuel and inspiration, while blazing beyond the accumulated detritus of life in order to purge falsity.

Just as Mercury moves counter to its usual navigation during retrograde, the Jungian shadow contains features of our nature that move counter to the traditions and moral compasses of society. As per Jung, the nigredo, albedo, and rubedo is the concealed structure beneath the seeming chaos that accompanies Mercurial retrogrades, the passage to three worlds or the three primary aspects of the psyche: the tria prima of the Self.

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