Saturn: Ascetic Impetus of Psychic Consciousness

Modern Western astrology retains a generalized, two-dimensional interpretation of the natal chart. There is often an unspoken consensus that a chart should be construed on the basis of society’s moral axioms, a standardized method that fabricates dogmatic categories between the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’, moral and immoral, all at the detriment of the potentially rich symbolism and subtle paradoxes at its disposal. Ultimately, most inimical of all astrological symbols is Saturn, being renowned as the paramount single-sided Beast, without communicating its alternate facet, and therefore, retaining a flat, two-dimensional value for both interpreter and client alike.

At the root of Saturn’s symbolism is a psychic odyssey alongside a quality of experience. The planet’s known delineation of asceticism, suffering, restriction, and primal pain is far from the broader picture. Likewise, Saturn embodies the psychic process, a naturally human course, whereby  one uses said experiences of pain, restriction, and discipline for expanded consciousness and truthful fulfillment. Additionally, Saturn links with the educational value of pain and distinguishes between external and internal merits.

Independent of psychological or esoteric terminology, there exists a basic fact: self-discovery is the conduit of free will, and self-discovery is not usually attempted unless circumstances become too painful to neglect. Therefore, it should be noted that it is not enjoyment of pain which is promoted by Saturn but instead, the exaltation of psychosomatic release. It is possible to use each restriction, delay, disappointment and sacrifice as a catalyst for understanding the human psyche, with all its mechanisms, and ultimately learn to perceive the truthful purpose and meaning of our lives.

In order to synthesize and align the proper elements in a chart interpretation, isolated studies of Saturn should be avoided. In other words, Saturn must be correlated with the combination of Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, firstly, including respective signs, houses, and aspects. These specific factors combined with Saturn become the foundation of a natal chart from a perspective of character. This will facilitate awareness as to what the individual’s desire(s) (Sun), needs (Moon), the manner or ‘flavor’ in which one attains goals (Ascendant), and the root of failure and dissatisfaction once one has achieved said desires (Saturn). Although severely simplified (it would take volumes of text to produce an accurate depiction), the consideration of these four key factors brings insight and understanding to the core of an individual’s struggles towards transcendental consciousness. No chart is void of Saturn, regardless of dignified planets and exemplary aspects, as there can be no life without struggle.

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