Minerva: Uncloaking Pluto’s Higher Octave of Cosmic Consciousness

Pluto, the most cryptic of all planets, signals an impenetrable force on the surface level that incessantly functions within the depths of one’s unconsciousness. Simultaneously, its energies govern both one’s undercurrents as well as one’s elevation. If activated without awareness, operating silently and unbeknownst to the self, Pluto can explode as a surge of violence. Notably, long before the culmination of a destructive apparition, said energy is soundlessly rustling in obscurity.

Minerva, considered the highest aspect of Pluto, behaves in polarity to Pluto. As the goddess of wisdom, Minerva transforms the self from a core, visceral foundation and arrives as inconspicuously as a new day’s dawn. The planet alters the self with pronounced permanence, entirely changing one’s state of awareness. Ultimately, Minerva molds the self as a silhouette salvaged from the depths of putridity. In essence, its planetary vestige is one of grace and regeneration.

In continued correlation, Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is a sign of dichotomy. In its negative manifestation there is emotive turbulence and ruinous undercurrents, coupled with conflict and instinctual self destruction. Pluto’s negative rays can be the most vicious of any planetary radiations now known to man. (Hickney, Pluto or Minerva) Not unlike Saturn, here growth arises as a result of painful experiences. However, its positive manifestation, again, symbolized by Minerva, unites the head and heart. In this elevated energy, Pluto introduces illumination and cosmic consciousness. In essence, this alludes to the astrological transformation from scorpion to phoenix, rising from the ashes of its relinquished self.

Because the eccentric effects of Pluto’s orbit are difficult to interpret from a generational perspective, the house where Pluto is located in a natal chart demonstrates where and how an individual best meets the challenges of humanity and group consciousness. In essence, it delineates the manner in which one can best aid or hinder the progress of human evolution.  Furthermore, Pluto’s house position in the birth chart reveals the old ego which is still active and embodies a considerable degree of psychic energy. As long as this energy remains unconscious and inextricably infused with antiquated patterns of life, it promotes compulsive and obsessive patterns of thought and behavior in our conscious existence. Therefore, Pluto in the natal chart houses symbolizes the subconscious psychic impressions resulting from past desires and actions. Additionally, it can be deduced that, like Saturn, we are most intensely meeting our karmic debt in whatever house Pluto is situated. While Saturn reveals specific karmic tests and needs for self-discipline, Pluto’s house position shows the field of experience wherein we are locating our old self and past desires.

There is an undeniable flow of concentrated energy in the house position of Pluto because it is here that one immediately connects with one’s deep reservoir of ardent power. This degree of immense power can be used willfully and ruthlessly (not unlike the energy of Mars), or it can be mobilized as productive will and mental power in efforts to elevate one’s exalted qualities. Pluto’s house placement will also demonstrate the area of life where one will attempt to impose one’s power on others, while instead, being capable of harnessing that same energy to generate progress in self-development.

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