Lilith: Depersonalization Through the Astrological Houses

Lilith’s astrological house placement signals to degrees of personal immaturity. Here, superficial expectations create distortions that impede clarity of judgement. In Lilith’s particular house placement, sophistication of impersonality must be mastered through a series of self-centered denials. In essence, depersonalization must be infused in one’s character to successfully triumph over childish, ego-driven dependencies that restrict the evolution of emotional maturity.

The primordial goal of Lilith through the astrological houses is the establishment of depersonalization. Lilith’s placement focuses on one’s lower nature, where one must resolve the self-centered influences of that specific house in order to progress through mental creativity and spiritual advancement. Succinctly, through the houses, Lilith signals to the life area where one must employ emotional maturation. An often appalling, degrading, or abrupt experience will continue to surface until one consciously witnesses and identifies the level of one’s own naiveté. According to the extent of one’s inability to remain objective, Lilith symbolizes the eroding conduit that forces an elevated mental and spiritual application.

One encounters self-reflection of narrowing emotionalism, rendered through situations or people that force a sense of objectivity. Not unlike Saturn (and Lilith shares many commonalities with Saturn), Lilith can appear to leave one embittered and yet, far more aware of emotional dependencies that are at the root of one’s inability to master the lessons of a particular house.

Through Lilith’s forced depersonalization arrives an expansive reservoir of intellectual ability, creativity, and independence. Through altruistic concentration on elevated interests or goals, emotional order is established in Lilith’s house of occupancy. Lilith dominates the intellectual soul, elevated instincts, and demonstrates distortions when there is subjective personalization, passivity, narcissism, concern with self-image, and all other channels of expression which are not truthfully and unequivocally dedicated to objective intellectual and emotional maturity.

Lilith resonates favorably within areas that circumvent the personal ego, including selfless work and services. When angular in a chart or otherwise prominent, Lilith provides an extraordinary quality not unlike that of Neptune. It illustrates an illusive quality to a house that, not unlike Neptune, will corrode the negative and transcend to lucidity all that remains positive or selfless in motivation.

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