Grace and Neptune: Liberation Through Dimensional Experience

While Uranus signals an urge to experience a new, willful level of individualistic, expressive freedom, Neptune indicates an impetus toward freedom from the boundaries of intellect. Neptune signifies a yearning to merge with the entirety of existence, dissolving illusions of separateness and ego-centricity. Neptune’s essential disposition represents manners of escaping all forms of limitation, including orthodoxy, egoism, the material plane, and the perils of quotidian life. While aspects to Neptune reflect on the imaginative and creative qualities, negative aspects relate to illusion and deception. Ultimately, close Neptune aspects, harsh or harmonious, indicate the urge towards potential realization and achievement of union with universal consciousness. More often than harmonious aspects, harsh aspects propel one to manifest spiritual ideals on an elevated dimension.

When searching for connection on the outer plane, one experiences distortions and perplexities, arriving at a sense of disillusionment. In essence, this occurs since Neptune symbolizes modulation to the nebulous resources of the inner sphere and the limitless levels of experience. Therefore, one can define Neptune’s challenging aspects as phases of life where lessons concerning spiritual dimensions and their subtle nuances are learned  through disillusionment of experience. Furthermore, the scope of experience that confronts disillusionment is indicated by close planetary aspect(s) to Neptune. When the astrologer notices close challenging aspects between Neptune and personal planets, the client’s spiritual inclinations should be further explored as opposed to focusing on quotidian issues in order to obtain a renewed perspective.

Prominent Neptune influence, whether accentuated through personal planetary aspects, planets in Pisces, Pisces ASC, and/ or Neptune in the first house, signify the importance of finding a definite and disciplined manner of expressing one’s urge to transcend and escape. Otherwise, one will remain in a state of perpetual spiritual distortion, confusion, and discontent. Close aspects to Neptune can sometimes (depending on the condition) indicate capabilities in unison with spiritual dimensions of consciousness. Such aspects can also relate to guidance and instruction from various astral forms, spiritual guides, and/ or teachers. Additionally, it is important that objectivity and discretion is implemented in order to prevent loss through ego-involved self-delusion. Therefore, it is necessary to be thoroughly grounded while maintaining a level of objective sincerity, since Neptune can, of course, induce illusion and deception. Ultimately, imagination and direct spiritual reality can be difficult to objectively distinguish, particularly with elemental voids in air, prominent first house emphasis, and a variety of other factors that can only be properly examined by inspecting the entire chart.

Karmic patterns involving challenging aspects to Neptune can result in having misinterpreted, misused, and misapplied certain spiritual energies in previous incarnations. Therefore, the necessity is to confront, at the present moment, spiritual energies in order to effectively navigate dimensional experience. By accomplishing this, the perplexity, self-destructive proclivity towards escapism, and ego-involvement prevalent in karmic pasts can now be identified and steadily reduced.

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