Life Energy: Interpreting the Four Elements in an Astrological Chart

Interpretive astrology generates added depth and dimension when emphasis is placed upon the elements. Through analysis of the elemental force in the natal chart, one concentrates on the mechanics of specific vital energies. This is in contrast to limiting interpretation solely to the manifestation of said energies in expressive behavior and external personality traits. All individuals are composed of the four elements, whether consciously or subconsciously aware of said energies. There is impossibility in human existence if only one of the elements is absent due to the complete void of the functional energy of any missing element on both a psychological and physical level. However, the elements most exemplified in a natal chart by planetary placement along with that of the Ascendant indicate the primary energies one is capable of effortlessly maneuvering in daily life. Additionally, such energies denote naturally and spontaneously available realms of experience. In contrast, elements lacking emphasis in a chart reveal certain realms of vital activity not consciously attuned with the individual. Therefore, these conscious elemental voids must be cultivated and developed in order to generate experience in a particular elemental field and ultimately, manifest a complete and balanced life.

When analyzing a chart in relation to elemental equilibrium, the most dominant element is usually, but not always, the Sun, followed by the elements of the Moon, Ascendant, and Mars, respectively. Lastly, the elements of Venus and Mercury, followed by the influences of Jupiter and Saturn. The elemental influences of Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn involve minute conscious forces, pertaining more to generational factors. Furthermore, the element of the planet in dominion of the Ascendant along with the Sun sign’s ruler are given further emphasis unless said planet is Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto. If one has Aquarius rising, for example, the element of Saturn would provide more emphasis than that of Uranus, Aquarius’s co-ruler. The placement of the Ascendant’s element yields such vital prominence that it should always be strongly accentuated in chart analysis. Emphasizing the Ascendant’s elemental ruler provides the astrologer with the capacity for insight into the client’s motivational urges, as opposed to merely summing the number of planets in each element.

When deducing the balance or imbalance of elemental energies, one chart factor can significantly alter the entirety of the expressive energetic field. The ideal strategy should involve at least some acclimatization to each element. Furthermore, this results in the capacity to achieve a harmonious life approach as well as the immediate participation in all realms of experience. Individuals hold the capacity to compensate for elemental voids, knowing that balancing the elements is a symbol of personal growth and self-expression.

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