Imbalance of Fire in the Natal Chart


 J. M. W. Turner, The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, October 16, 1834, oil on canvas, 925 x 1230 mm

Noting the primary, comprehensive methods for analyzing elemental voids or imbalances, this post accentuates, solely in isolation, the element of fire and the importance of its maintenance in equilibrium as addressed in the natal chart.

The digestive system often suffers as a result of little emphasis on fire in the birth chart, resulting in debilitated assimilation of food. If the individual is also lacking in earth, simultaneously, dietary intake should be carefully scrutinized since there exists a lack of digestive strength to absorb heavy, concentrated foods. In my experience, Ayurvedic medicine proves a beneficial aid in ameliorating said imbalance.

The elemental fire void manifests as a lack of dynamism and a proclivity to be dubious of the sustenance in the life force itself. Additionally, there is an underlying current of apathy, lacking the primordial energy and motivation to mobilize goals. Self-confidence may be poor with a tendency towards despondency. Challenges and obstacles can paralyze the fire void native, while crises may take a relatively longer time to manage and triumph. Usually, the residual psychological effects of major threatening circumstances tend to reside within the individual long after the experience has culminated. Little emphasis in fire often indicates a significant obstacle in the manner which one approaches the scope of experience. All activities, including dietary and exercise, should be performed in moderation so that one does not entirely extinguish the reserves of one’s energy. However, given a strong Mars or Sun as compensation, fire void natives do exude a significant degree of patience.

An overly emphasized fire element in the natal chart will often only be conspicuous to the individual when it is too late to rectify. One may exhibit the tendency to be overly active, restless, and fixated on generating change, at all costs, in the world. Over-abundance of fire may spawn difficulties in relating to and interacting with others, since impulsiveness, unforseen destructiveness, and the urge to act at all costs can generate extreme insensitivity and crudeness in one’s social approach. This force, under affliction, is uncontrolled, giving to extravagance, over-confidence, and self-indulgence. Primitive traits are marked, accentuated by ego-exaltation and excessive self-importance.

Those attuned strongly to fire are motivated, ambitious, and often successfully commence and promote new enterprises, projects, and idealistic ventures that demand a vast reservoir of dedication, courage, and vitality. It should be reiterated, upon concluding this brief overview of the elemental fire void, that it is here discussed in exclusion, not taking into account all other elemental factors present in the natal chart. Ultimately, individuals hold the capacity to compensate for elemental voids, acknowledging that balancing the elements is a symbol of personal growth.

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