Imbalance of Water in the Natal Chart


Ivan Aivazovsky, Storm at Sea on a Moonlit Night, oil on canvas, 28 cm x 39 cm, 19th century.

A plethora of psychological, emotional, and physical problems can manifest as a result of deficiency of the water element in the natal chart. A lack of water affinity generates enormous challenge and perplexity when attempting to contact the emotions of others through empathy and compassion, as well as personal understanding of one’s own emotional requirements. While this does not imply a lack of sensitivity in all cases, it does suggest difficulty in deciphering and acknowledging one’s own emotional health. The plane of emotions can appear as a foreign world of hazard which may prove more perilous than fruitful. Additionally, there is an inability to view in others the projection of self-unacceptability. Ironically, this leads to unconscious dependency on others who are emotively expressive.

A water void can present itself as an innate suspicion regarding intuitive knowledge. In certain examples, the fundamental issue is rooted in self-distrust coupled with the dismissal of one’s feelings as trivial irritations. However, through unconscious processes, denial of conscious access continues to influence and manipulate the individual. Additionally, there may arise a resistance towards external attempts to wield oneself out of an elemental (water) void while simultaneously, generating oblivious gestures towards emotively expressive individuals. Those with said imbalance displayed within their charts can master a degree of emotional equilibrium by slowly allowing the seemingly interminable abundance of sensations reach the surface, releasing the denied, accumulated threshold of suppressed suffering. A void of water also delineates a fanatical fear of pain which often results in a disregard and abandonment of emotional needs. Unfortunately, this only ensures the cyclical experience of repressed trauma.

Externally, water voids are revealed through physical disruption associated with excess toxicity. Since water is cleansing, healing, and releasing energy, one who lacks this element is inevitably slowly poisoned by the accumulation of emotional and physical waste products. This condition of toxicity manifests as a variety of symptoms and ailments with the same general requisite for amelioration: absolute physical and emotional purging. Dietary practices should be precariously administered and one can benefit from periodic cleansings and moderate fasts. When one consciously strives at augmenting the cleansing function on the emotional and physical levels, one is able to surpass and avoid most of the severe disturbances caused by extreme degrees of toxicity.

Those with an over-abundance of water emphasis may feel intensely directionless. Usually, they are easily influenced and highly impressionable, exhibiting a pattern of emotional uncertainty and lack of stability. This water imbalance generates extreme sensitivity to any experience, which can lead to either profoundly piercing intuition or an unnecessary degree of over-reaction. Individuals can become debilitated by subconscious fears and phobias if the emotions are uncontrollable or the person habitually functions in a state of apprehensive, over self-protection. Overwhelming timidity, negative reaction patterns, and devitalizing fears can paralyze the daily life of individuals. Ultimately, one may feel unable to cope with external and internal stresses, prompting one to withdraw into an inner protective sphere of escapism. On the physical plane, an over-emphasis of the water element signifies  that the body is constantly eliminating poisons, both physical toxins and emotive residue. Efficiency of this cleansing process is, however, highly dependent upon the individual’s emotional self-awareness.

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