Air Imbalance in the Natal Chart


Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen, oil on canvas, 2016.

Insufficient air in the natal chart is rarely perceived to be an issue  because one may be too consumed in concerns with the dynamic, emotive, and material aspects of life. However, it is precisely this lack of objectified perception that prevents one from self-reflection on a detached level. Insufficient air delineates a challenge in personal detachment from actions as well as the probability of burden regarding involvements that are insufficiently analyzed in advance. Additionally, there may exist a lack of satisfaction in close relationships stemming from ineffective cooperation. There is a unifying quality to the air element that enables seamless adjustment , ease of absorption regarding new ideas, insights, and relating to a variety of individuals. A lack of air attunement creates challenge in adjusting to new ideas, and therefore to new people. Additionally, there can be a sense of distrust and/ or suspicion towards those who appear (in the native’s mind) as over-intellectualized. While a strong Mercurial (Virgo) influence can ameliorate this imbalance, a lack of air emphasis denotes the inability to view both internal and external circumstances with an objective sense of lucid and detached interpretation.

An attunement to air indicates the ability to view situations with a clear perspective, while one lacking this affinity has difficulty gaining self-perspective with an objective viewpoint. As a rule (unless supplemented by Virgo/ Mercury emphasis), one fails to analyze oneself and is rarely projected with reasoning strength and articulation of self-expression, particularly verbal and written. Often, there is weakness of the nervous system, which manifests as psychosomatic issues. When ideas fail to be assimilated mentally and emotionally, one can react violently. One’s physical reaction to inconceivable ideas and/ or people can astonish to the extent of physical illness and irrational aggression in efforts to abolish seemingly threatening thoughts.

Over-abundance of air in the natal chart can signify an individual who is engulfed in the contents of the mind. Excessive air can create an over-active mind which must be guided and controlled. If an added void of earth is present, there may exists and inability to generate depth of actualization to mental constructs. In extreme circumstances, the inability to generate action without excessive thought can lead to paralysis of will and  severe psychological disorders. The mind may create its own isolated world, apart from the material, leading to often conceptual brilliance but also to a sense of impractical reality that is incongruent with the plausible.

Physically, an over-abundance of air can lead to a highly activated and extremely sensitive nervous system. Restful retreats of meditation and recuperation are necessary  to allow the nervous systems to replenish itself and prevent the mind from reaching a state of psychic exhaustion. Additionally, it is imperative to implement a change of scenery away from the quotidian in order to escape from systematic preoccupations, second thoughts, and interminable plans.

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