The Battleground of Awareness and Crisis: Saturn in the Eighth House


Oskar Kokoschka, Die Windsbraut (The Tempest),1914, Oil on canvas,181 x 220 cm, Kunstmuseum Basel

The perpetual crisis battleground, seeking higher consciousness and elevated awareness through the unification of self with other, is the focal point of Saturn in the eighth house. In this house, crisis stimulus manifests and is released through sex, since there is death of individual awareness and birth of mutual consciousness. The union occurs independent of conscious acknowledgment. The individual with Saturn in the eighth house endures a double burden: simultaneously understanding and accepting Saturnian energies whilst descending into the realms of Pluto.

In many instances, Saturn in the eighth house suggests feelings of inadequacy and fear regarding sexual expression. While this symbolizes a more profound level of fear, on its own, the symbol is potent enough to generate much suffering. Additionally, the form of inadequacy is emotional as opposed to physical. The challenge is conveyed through fear of submission, powerlessness, violation, and emotional rejection from the partner. In other words, the psychic exchange, rather than the physical, is what contains the threat.

As with all Saturn placements, two extreme behaviors are probable. The effects of overcompensation can produce overt promiscuity as a result of awareness to the threat of psychic exchange. With this situation, Saturn attempts to transform emotional value into the physical without success. In contrast, one may veil fears with the guise of zealous religious or moral convictions, falsely declaring blasphemy where there is actually a deep rooted fear.

A characteristic pattern of an eighth house Saturn involves perpetual emotional betrayal by others, manifested in an intimate and painful manner. Frequently, there is denial of deep emotional bonding in childhood. Since Saturn is often associated with the paternal figure, the father may die or be emotionally unavailable. Additionally, an individual may be raised in an environment where there is restricted physical expression along with problems between parental figures. The atmosphere is often cloaked in the garment of hostility and fear. Often this is not subtle: beatings and assault may be present. The effect, despite the actual circumstance, is a feeling of being ostracized coupled with loneliness and belief that alleviation is impossible.

Emotional isolation with Saturn in the eighth house seeks union rather than the security issues stemming from Saturn in the fourth house.  The type of unification sought is intensely transformational and the individual is propelled, through another, to seek rebirth and awareness of one’s spiritual nature. Ultimately, one succumbs to the realization that transformation and resurrection into higher consciousness manifests within the self: this is Saturn’s primordial eighth house lesson. The profound knowledge and mastery of the unconscious must be gained unescorted. The utilization of and intense interest in the depths of the mind while, simultaneously, mastering the true nature of creative energy makes Saturn in the eighth house natives spiritual alchemists. The enigmatic potency of the subconscious as life-generating, healing power for the self and others is, ultimately, the laborious gift bestowed upon the eighth house Saturn.

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