Earth Imbalance in the Natal Chart


Vincent Van Gogh, Blossoming Almond Tree, oil on canvas, 73.5 x 92.0 cm., Saint-Rémy: February, 1890

A lack of earth in the natal chart signals a disconnection from the material plane. Often, one is not naturally attuned to the physical world, the body, or to the requirements and limitations of survival in the material world. As a result, one is not grounded in the present and practical considerations such as money, food, and shelter are not often prioritized. Accommodation to survival necessities is ignored until one is forced to do so by the demands of reality. A lack of contact with the material dimension of reality can cause the individual to feel ostracized, having little physical solidity in one’s efforts to benefit from proper self expression. One often feels evaporable, unable to integrate the self with society’s structure, and dissatisfaction with life’s work. This sense of alienation can manifest as a search for experience with other dimensional realities that appear more relatable to the self, such as the active imagination or a spiritual quest. Additionally, there is an ultimate impetus to eternally transcend the limitations of the physical plane. While the boundless expression of the imagination can lead to fruitful results, the individual must first accept the basic requirement of earthly survival.

Insufficient earth emphasis can propel one to ignore the basic requirements of the physical body. Considering the physical body as secondary, insufficient emphasis on earth can cause one to forget eating, rest, and enjoyment of the five senses. One often finds poor skin tone: an indication that that life energy is not vitalizing the physical vessel. A lack of earth element can immeasurably benefit from cultivating a consistent schedule in one’s life, defining specific periods for eating in a peaceful manner, moderately exercising, and receiving sufficient rest. By accepting the very limitations of the physical plane, they can be mastered and used as sustaining power from the earth.

An over-abundance of the earth element can cause one to overly rely on the confinements of reality that stems a narrowness of perception. There is often an obsessive preoccupation with the factual as opposed to the ideal, focusing strictly on what is already palpable. As a result, there is a lack of imagination, overt practical efficiency, and material concerns to the detriment of theoretical and ethical principles. Too much earth can result in a loss of perspective on actions as well as the ultimate implications of one’s modus operandi. While these natives have a vast reservoir of strength and efficiency, practical affairs and work dominate their lives, resulting in a threat of self-worth when unforeseen change results in vocational activities. Cynicism and skepticism can infiltrate the mind as a result of lacking ideals and/ or inspiration to infuse life with depth and purpose.

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