North Node in Taurus: Between Self-Value and Self-Sabotage


Rembrandt, Pallas Athena, oil on canvas, 1657, 118×91 cm., Museum Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon

“We make war that we may live in peace.” -Aristotle

With the lunar North Node in Taurus, there are no more wars to fight. The battleground must be gracefully relinquished: that, in of itself, becomes one of the fundamental challenges of this node’s destiny. Objectively, this is a seemingly effortless task, yet from the perspective of one’s south node in Scorpio, this proves a formidable feat: plunging into the proverbial battleground is one’s default pattern. One has exhausted countless lifetimes entrenched in the strategy of psychological warfare and it is this very innate proclivity that haunts one without foreseeable resolve. Additionally, one is dealt challenging lessons regarding the misuse of power, often early in childhood, so that one is restrained from repeating malicious patterns of authoritative abuse. It is not uncommon to find childhood victims of sexual, verbal, or physical assault with the north node in Taurus, as well as a sense of accompanying guilt that somehow ensures the need to protect parental figures at the detriment of self-liberation and awareness. Therefore, shattering the subconscious parental bond becomes a prominent life challenge.

Understanding and honoring one’s true value is a fundamental component of mastering the Taurean north node. Again, in former lives, one has been the shrouded conduit of power, serving as Courtesan to Kings, Confidants to Generals, Prime Assistants to Presidents, nourishing mates with control, energy, and charisma in exchange for validation and appreciation. The Taurus north node failed to acquire proper self-worth; instead, it was exchanged through bonded union with another, more seemingly powerful mate. In the very present, that missing sense of personal value must be earned alone, through stability and financial responsibility.

Presently, the Taurus north node is learning to experience and acknowledge the concept of self-value. In the past, self-value was instantaneously relinquished in order to amalgamate one’s power in union or partnership. Validation, as a result, was the instrument which weighed progress towards successfully empowering another being. Having the self’s value system extinguished, Taurus north node is now learning how to structure healthy boundaries between the self and others, acknowledging that one’s self-worth must be generated and independently preserved. Furthermore, Taurus north node must learn to cultivate and implement a system of values that firstly aligns with the autonomous self as opposed to  surrounding individuals.

A past infused in the adrenaline of crisis has rendered Taurus north node with an urgent necessity for peace, liberated from the confinement of power struggles. Additionally, the challenge is to redirect overtly passionate energy towards constructive directions. Learning to become creators is a time consuming task that is necessary for Taurus north nodes, having been previously accustomed to and empowered by the intensity of destructive energy. The once drastic approach to all matters must be ameliorated with methodical grounding, a slow and steady process which was formerly eschewed. When serenity is infused in situations, possibilities are advantageous in a manner that favors all involved parties.

Taurus north node has an innate proclivity for self-sabotage. Again, a lacking sense of self-value and unworthiness subconsciously impedes the fruition of goals. Often, defeatist attitudes are the result of self-punishment for real or imagined guilt-ridden experiences. Therefore, continuous psychological introspection becomes a necessary tool for Taurus north node. An inner subconscious resistance may be held by by taking unwarranted chances and failing to implement systematic, goal-setting procedures. Ultimately, Taurus north node must learn to rely on the self’s independent energy to attain success.

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