Regulus and the Anaretic Degree


The Anaretic degree often summons unfavorable connotations in astrology. At 29°, specifically 29°00’00” to 29°59’59”, the Anaretic degree is considered critical because it has fully journeyed the course of a planet or celestial body and its final stage is one of both lethargy and urgency. Completing its planetary odyssey, the Anaretic degree behaves in exhaustion, seemingly ready to proceed to the following planet or point. Accompanied by a state of exigency, the affected planet or point attempts to misguidedly conduct its energy through distortion or overcompensation. There is difficulty in constructively harnessing the Aneretic degree’s energy, a challenge that must ultimately be transcended in order to promote prosperity and self-actualization. It is intriguing, then, that at this very degree one finds Regulus, the fixed star at the heart of the Leo constellation.

In accordance with its mythical undercurrents, Regulus, attributed to the Royal Stars of Persia and seen as the Watcher of the North, is associated with prestige, honor, and grace. Likewise, when its energy is channeled through the ego, it can signify destruction and violence. Similar to the other Royal Stars, Regulus signals success by facing its nemesis: vengeance.

As a Heliacal rising star, Regulus indicates conviction of personal position and path. The motivation for success, however, must be coupled with the resistance of revenge and cruelty. As a Heliacal setting star, innate talent is found as well as success in the face of envy and adversary. Regulus’s physiological correspondence is, like its constellation, the heart and vascular system.

In connection with the Sun, Regulus signals cautionary success without the force of vengeance. With the Moon, one sees a natural leader that elucidates with devotion as opposed to power and authority. Additionally, Mercury in relation to Regulus is humanitarian and inspirational. Regulus in paran with Venus signifies creativity and the search for perfectionism, rising above jealousy. In Mars, Regulus is a a team leader who retains faith in one’s abilities. Jupiter in connection with Regulus shows a noble hero that acts with a sense of confidence. Furthermore, Regulus with Saturn displays success through hard work and the talent to manifest one’s vision. Uranus indicates community leadership, Neptune is the successful artisan, and Pluto represents leadership during crisis.  With either Node, Regulus is decisive and associated with swift thinking.


Brady, Bernadette, Book of Fixed Stars, 1998

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