Daily Transits and Complimentary Forecasts

This brief update is to inform readers that Saturn and the Sun Astrology is now providing (nearly) daily transits, including complimentary astrological forecasts, via Instagram (at saturnandthesun). Interpretation provided beyond this site is an attempt to simplify astrological research in order to foster understanding by anyone unfamiliar with astrology.

As for this site, which is (albeit rather slowly) still active, a forthcoming entry is currently in progress. In parallel to Saturn’s current ingress in Capricorn, its focus is on Saturn’s occupancy of its traditional tenth house. Upon completion of said entry, the intent is to provide a disclosure of my personal transition into astrology.

I do offer online/ Skype astrological consultations as well as local readings in the Kendall area of Florida. Kindly see link for details and thank you for reading.

Content and imagery copyright (c) Saturn and the Sun Astrology. All rights reserved.

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