The Time Keeper’s Return: Saturn in Capricorn

As the Great Time Keeper ingresses in Capricorn, he is traditionally dignified. Therefore, on both quotidian and esoteric spectrums, one may expect an unswervingly concentrated projection of Saturn. Associated with achievement, honor, ambition, and authority, the midheaven is traditionally symbolic of one’s outer projection on a societal scale. It may be assumed that Saturn in the tenth delineates limitations, delays, challenges in achievement of goals including the competent, external expression of the self, and the frequently unconscious yet intense ambition to succeed despite all costs. This is the general interpretation attributed to Saturn in his own house and sign, familiar to most astrological students, alongside professional proclivities, and the less frequently stressed relationship to the mother and father. As for parental dominance regarding the ambiguous fourth-tenth axis, it is my humble opinion that the maternal figure be attributed to the latter house, since traditionally, it is usually the mother being most involved in the molding of the child’s social attitudes and ethics. It is precisely these values which are emphasized by the tenth house, coupled with desirous ambition in direct proportion to suppressed identity in early life.

The maternal relation of the tenth house to the development of potential as indicated by a tenth house Saturn placement is important to analyze. When this placement occurs, the mother is usually the dominant figure, either through temperamental bias or actual absence/ death of the father. The expression of said dominance manifests through stern, authoritative behavior lacking in warmth and/ or empathy. Preoccupation revolves around rules of behavior, propriety, external opinions, status and/or rank, and an overall emphasis on material (as opposed to emotional) values. Furthermore, the dominance of the mother can be reflected as an instinctual woman equipped with un unconsciously powerful ego beneath a seemingly passive exterior. Often the mother poses challenges through her own ill-health or early death. Therefore, it is imperative that the adult, as the emotional trauma persists well into adulthood, sever psychological ties in order to surpass subconscious influences and reach complete potential.

Identity suppression, restriction of the will, and emotional rejection by the mother is common with Saturn in the tenth house. As a result, males grow to become suspicious of women, while women encounter challenges with the positive expression of femininity. Often the feminine principle is either repressed, or conveyed through the misuse of power. Additionally, women may become consciously aggressive, rejecting the feminine principle within their own psyche. In all cases, the pivotal goal in understanding the potential of Saturn in the tenth is to ameliorate psychological distortions stemming from maternal influences while reevaluating both masculine and feminine roles. Similarly, it is important to note that, while the fourth and tenth houses are rarely considered when problems of a sexual nature are concerned, they have prominent bearing on the area of feminine and masculine roles.

Critical self-consciousness and intense sensitivity to public opinion are common themes with Saturn in the tenth house, along with the fear of failure and a proclivity to attract situations which pose a sense of public embarrassment. These expressions are all embedded in a sense of self-inadequacy. Lucidly navigating through the psychological fog of Saturn in the tenth, where the planet displays concentrated Saturnian energy in the most challenging sense before reaching growth requires considerable integrity and self-honesty. A substantial amount of sentimentality must be excavated regarding motherhood and rigid sexual roles (the latter, having taken its toll on the collective human psyche).

The native’s image is regarded with considerable sensitivity, as Saturn in the tenth’s inclination is to focus on material values. Therefore, the individual’s need for self-importance is saturated by material advantage coupled with social status. An ambivalent undercurrent exists between yearning for exposure and hiding from it, the latter resulting from fear of public humiliation. This is a very self-conscious placement in group scenarios, although it is not as apparent in individual relationships. Likewise, Saturn in the tenth may appear intensely self-conscious in a personal setting yet behave relatively composed with the distant public. Again, it is the image which is important with Saturn in the tenth. The native’s conservative approach to social values is the result of fear regarding one’s compromise in position. Should this characteristic exist in combination with more adventurous factors in the chart, the result may be a notable amount of inner tension.

If an expansive approach is taken to Saturn in the tenth house, the native’s sensitivity, self-consciousness, concern with public esteem, and the persistent urge to demonstrate efficiency and usefulness through achievement all conspire to prepare one for growth. These characteristics benefit the individual in terms of effectively dealing with the responsibility of power. In consequence, one learns diplomacy partnered with compassion as a mode of teaching, structuring, or leading others. The perseverance and strength of the tenth house Saturn native generally leads to success. This individual’s challenge is not the journey once begun, but the initial course of action, as it implies overcoming fear of failure. In essence, the native’s fear of failure, if not overcome, can generate paralyzing inertia. Ultimately, the native’s journey to success is meaningless and its rewards illusory unless this path spawns motivational demonstration to others. That is, the individual’s triumph must inspire success in others. Because it is the work o Saturn in the tenth to provide structure to a group effort, others must gain confidence through the endurance of the individual. Once the individual accepts the challenges of the inner self, Saturn the teacher embodies most beneficiary model.

* It is my opinion, through repetitive natal chart analyses, that the maternal correspondences and childhood experiences attributed to the tenth house Saturn can, oftentimes, also directly apply to individuals whose mothers possess a natal Capricorn ascendant. *

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