The Chiron Cycle and its Current Piscean Ingress

According to mythology, Chiron (part man, part centaur), became known as the ‘wounded warrior’ after having been injured in the knee by Hercules’s poisoned arrows. Although physical and discernible, Chiron’s injury establishes figurative connotations over psychological wounds. However, capable of transforming challenges into positive assets through the cultivation of talents and mentoring abilities, Chiron can be a source of success if channeled properly.

When there are planetary aspects to Chiron occurring in the natal chart, the individual is said to be truly attuned with and resonant to Chiron, and its position will likely be an area abundant with activities promoting strongly transformative modes of personal-development. It takes approximately 50 years for Chiron to fully journey through all zodiac signs. Therefore, at about the age of 50, everyone experiences a Chiron return. This simply implies that Chiron navigates back to the precise sign and degree located at birth. This is likely to be a time of evaluation, re-orientation, and re-integration. With precise emphasis on the direct present, instead of perpetual quests and youthful ambition, it is now time to appreciate life without concern for schedules, appointments, or deadlines. The Chiron return should be a formidable time of self-discovery coupled with ability to capitalize upon said discovery. Achievements and accomplishments are contemplated while assessing the future. If not already established, it is likewise an opportune time to process the wounds of Chiron. Additionally, it may be a period of pristine insights and perspective regarding difficulties encountered during Chiron’s journey through the entire chart. Becoming more comfortable within the self, there is much to offer others due to surpassed experiences and challenges. Ultimately, there is immense opportunity to raise collective consciousness via personal triumph over obstacles and challenging experiences. Examine Chiron’s natal position and transit to understand its individualized purpose, while focusing on approaches to prosper and create a favorable return.

As Chiron transits Pisces until February 18, 2019 (its ingress began on April 20,2010), there is profound possibility for transcendence, enhanced sensitivity, and metaphysical amplification. Here we find the extrasensory healer, aware of the proper treatment for physical healing or the adequate words to bring psychological amelioration. The path leading to said abilities is arduous, lengthy, often riddled with self-doubt, and seemingly lacking in understanding and trust from external sources. Because of concurrent victimization of the self and others, this enhanced ability is greater and more worthy of attention.

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