April 15th, 2018: New Moon at 26º 2′ Aries

The ferocity of life, propelling its volition from a sphere of vacuousness, asserts its place in the world. As such, at 26º 2′ Aries, the unyielding warrior, is symbolic of life’s impetus. It is the will of existence, and, whether through triumph or self-destruction, one of these paths claims the Warrior.

The promise of bounteous treasures and their lucrative possibilities, as heralded by the New Moon in Aries, can dazzle and blind us to true values.

This lunation conjuncts, by default, the exhalted Arien Sun and Uranus (the latter, soon to ingress in Taurus), while squaring the Capricornian Pluto. Simultaneously, Mercury, stations direct and begins its post-retrograde shadow trajectory. At home in Aries, we also find Mars conjunct Pluto, as exhalted Venus in Taurus opposes retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio. Finally, Rx Jupiter in Scorpio sextiles Pluto.

There is more than ample elemental activity in the combination of Fire and Earth (mostly concentrated in the cardinal mode), coupled with a cosmic air void. This lunation, then, through the elemental lens, is concentrated in the initiative and creativity of fire with the practicality of earth and its will to produce tangible results.

Uranus symbolizes the untamed human spirit that refuses authoritative constraint. As a conduit for individuality and freedom, it is the part of us that defies hierarchies, rules, and regulations. As the luminaries merge with Uranian energy, we are incorporating the development of rebellious individuality, the capacity to question authority, and ultimately, the *transcendence of cultural and social programming*.

However, Plutonium interception challenges the drive within us to defend and develop our honored individuality. In essence, our identity must be measured in accordance with the recognition (and transformational dissolution of) narrow pursuits. The capacity to discern truth is Pluto’s function, and the realization of one’s destiny must be fully integrated with the development of individuality.

Having implemented the strategic, tempered advice of the last Full Moon in Libra, appropriate action in alignment with personal growth should be less challenging. Again, the Warrior must venture forward, regardless of victory or self-defeat, as this lunation encompasses the fiery Ram’s power of the will to mold evolutionary existence. *The sole method of Arien evolutionary strategy is via crisis selection: ensure you’re fighting a righteous war.*

The New Moon in Aries occurs at 9:57 EDT

Content and imagery (c) Saturn and the Sun Astrology. All rights reserved.

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