The Venusian Earth Spirit: Taurus and the North Node

Solar rays now illuminate the constellation of the Bull, heralding the expanding force of the Sun. Taurus, or Torus (meaning protrusion, akin to the protective barrier of the cerebellum), is the fixed modal expression and the first of the earth triplicity. Originally worshipped as a healing god, it thereby emanates the emerging fortitude of Helios, the Sun. With the nourishment of Helios, Taurus steadily plows the earth, preparing the soil for fertility. Like the earth herself, Taurus contains the seeds of prosperity.

Taurus is movement. Slow, steady fluidity of motion accompanies the Taurean journey. Following the divine eruption of fire at the Spring equinox until April 20th, action begins. Here, nature’s visual manifestation and objective fruition takes precedence. Receptive of the electric current generated by the spark of Aries, the Taurean mechanical counterpart seeks to propel growth. Yet the manifestation of this growth is steady, seemingly unswerving, and connecting to a vast reservoir of internal spaciousness. What, then, are the fertile earth’s lessons? The timeless simplicity nestled in the infinitely complex. Its lessons bestow the embodiment of depth without the necessity for verbal translation. Excavating and maintaining profound serenity is the Bull’s task.

The Venusian Bull is indicative of in-volution: the descent of Spirit into matter, clothed in forms and qualities for evolution of natural phenomena. As the second cycle of life, Taurus impregnates the human body with Aries’ electrical charge. Consciousness seeks the solidity of the strewing soil, spirit grasps the roots of the fleshy earth, feeling for sprouts, for the planetary pull, for the tangible essence of life itself.

With the Taurean lunar Node, the concept of war must be renounced. The impervious frame of the Taurean physicality must be used to assimilate life via sensual experience, arriving at the corporeal alignment with material unification (oneness), pleasure, and absolute serenity. The battlefield is not the Bull’s territory, and must be gracefully relinquished: that, in of itself, becomes the fundamental challenge of this node’s destiny. Objectively, this is a seemingly effortless task, yet from the south node’s (Scorpio) perspective, this proves a formidable feat. Plunging into the limitless battleground is one’s default pattern. One has exhausted countless lifetimes entrenched in the strategy of psychological warfare as it is this very innate proclivity that haunts one without foreseeable resolve. Having been dealt challenging lessons regarding the misuse of power, often early in childhood, bitterly serve to master restraint from repetitive, malicious patterns of authoritative abuse. It is not uncommon to find childhood victims of sexual, verbal, or physical assault with the north node in Taurus, as well as a sense of accompanying guilt that somehow ensures the need to protect parental figures at the detriment of self-liberation and awareness. Again, having exasperated numerous lives intuitively merging and dissolving the self via union with the external, the tendency to guard others, often to the detriment of self-preservation is deeply imbedded in the native’s south node. Therefore, shattering the subconscious parental bond becomes a prominent life challenge.

In this incarnation, the Taurean north node learns to firmly stand in the solidity of its own environment, completely fulfilled by self-value, immersed in the comforting fortitude of the earth’s splendor. The second house of the zodiac wheel is commonly associated with acquisition, including monetary gains, and possessions, but the underlying foundation sought by the subconscious process of accumulating abundance is the fortification of the self. As illusory value is placed on external resources, interminably substituting self-worth, acknowledging that true wealth is solely embedded in one’s essence (or sense of self-value) becomes the essential Taurean path of evolution.

Copyright (c) Saturn and the Sun Astrology. All rights reserved.

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