Source Separation and Unification: the Evolutionary Crisis of Pluto Retrograde

As one of the three outer (or ‘invisible’) planets, Pluto is directly correlated to the realization of one’s evolved destiny. Surpassing the trivialities of the material sphere and its worldly concerns, traversing the quotidian absurdities of narrow pursuits, Pluto encompasses the full development and capacity for discernment: truth transcending dogmatic, unscrupulous, and tyrannical behavior is at the forefront of heightened Plutonian energy.

Immutable consciousness remains intact, independent of ego and self-image. Yet within the Soul, polarizing forces surge, manifesting as separate existential desires. This dynamic opposition of desires, wrenching between the urge to attain separation from the Soul’s illusory confinement and the yearning to return to Source creation, is the dilemma of crisis-centered Pluto. Perception of necessity is saturated by the interaction of these two desires, influencing one’s choices, actions, and re-actions, ultimately heralding the cyclical continuum of karma.

The dual archetypes of desire, namely, separation and unification, form a lengthy unfurling of micro and macro-based evolution, encapsulating innumerable lives in the crisis of existential disarray. Through expansive self-actualization, the Soul evolves to exhaust its separating desires, until, finally, the metamorphosis reveals creation-actualized Souls (most commonly referred to as ‘enlightened’ beings). The return to Source, with the progress-ion of lives, becomes the more potent archetype. However, the factual existence of duality accounts for evolutionary responsibility, karma, and experiential reality.

When Pluto embarks on its retrogation period, approximately six out of every twelve months, the status quo is inquired and confronted in a manner that is intimately connected to the individual’s current and natural evolutionary condition. Reactive retreat stems from resulting societal expectations, definitions, and pressures of conformity. As a kinetic process, the continual growth prohibits stagnation, passivity, and crystallization. The desire to return to the soul’s Source is accelerated, yet this process is highly individualized and dependent upon the stage of a person’s evolutionary journey.

At its most profound level, the promotional internalization process of Pluto retrograde manifests as an urge to withdraw from external stimuli, and, since the deepest aspects of the unconscious are stirred by Plutonian energy, this urge may not be actively (or consciously) implemented given a plethora of factors unique to the individual’s evolutionary stage and construct. As a result, the urgency of retreat can simply manifest as a dysphoric, unfulfilled desire. If left inactive, the individual will still sense a fundamental disconnection that remains distinctively unidentifiable unless thorough self-inquiry and work is activated. Pluto’s evolutionary crisis begins with unveiling fears relative to personal disempowerment, often traversing uncomfortable truths and the accompanied hesitation to speak with discernment.

Confronting Pluto involves the examination of life’s elemental futility. The brutality of discernment requires transcendence beyond the comfortable trivialities of quotidian existence, ultimately leading to connection with timelessness, or Source energy. It’s path, albeit accelerated during retrogation, is one of multiple incarnations, aiming at the final dissolution of illusory separateness between Soul and Source.

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