The Soaring Serpent: Full ‘Pink’ Moon at 9°38’ Scorpio

One of the Babylonian names for Scorpio is Uighur Ali, denoting a creature which belongs to and arises from the underworld. Its esoteric symbol, the white eagle, is emblematic of the divine promise of regeneration, and, ultimately, mortal transcendence. The soaring serpent (yet another Scorpio emblem), ascending from the nethermost crevasses of earthly barricades, sheds the coiling ruins of primal mortality, and soars in eternal unison with the piercing rays of pure consciousness.

Occurring at 9°38’ of Scorpio, this lunation reflects the first face (or decan) of Scorpio. The image from the Yavanajātaka for decan I Scorpio is “a blazing man whose staff is fierce to his enemies. His sword is drawn, his armour is of gold; his flames are fanned by anger. He sports with serpents whose poison is sharp.” The Scorpio Full Moon, in ancient imagery as well as triplicity/ parasara, is saturated by the primal force of Mars, whose vitality is propelled by rage. If mismanaged via destructive energy, one risks compromising one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

The multi-incarnate journey of Skorpios, then, propelled by both Martian rapacity and Plutonian transcendence, is the focal point of this lunation, synchronistically intensified by the ferocious conjunction of its two rulers, Mars and Pluto. The ongoing battlefield of the Mars-Pluto Rx conjunction, having initially stirred on 4/21/18, reached its exact precipice on 4/26/18, and will, come the Full Moon, charge at a nearly exact 22-21° Capricornian junction. Mars-Pluto Rx is not as indicative of anger as it is of rage. The compulsive drive for power projected by this conjunction can, at best, generate the persevering tenacity used to activate personal transformation. However, operating via coercive tactics, this aspect can be the root of great cruelty and violence. The act of ‘taking by force’, which is not exclusive to rape and assault, can encompass thievery of all forms.

Already in her fall in Scorpio, traditionally, the Moon sees the precise degree of her fall in decan I (of Scorpio), where the need to be nurtured both physically and emotionally can summon a ravenous tone. Through understanding the cyclical nature of desire, the wise arrive at self-mastery of their natures. In this decan, one is summoned to confront the cycle of hungers as both the debts and pleasures of incarnate being. The principles of asceticism exist to manage mental and physical desires, offering temporary detachment from the cycle. For this reason, fasting is a key component to a plethora of rituals, enabling the mind access to the realms of those who do not hunger. Often viewed as a seemingly tortured decan, it merely exposes a challenging truth. Confronting the cycle allows for further detachment: lashed to a wheel whose revolutions we understand, our movements can be strategized and plotted to ceasing the slavery of momentary desires.

The Sabian theme for 9° of Scorpio, alludes to reparative necessities including (but not limited to) speech, the prevention of frivolous chatter or gossip, and possible miscommunications. This warning parallels the dynamic of the Mercury-Saturn Rx square. As the closest planet to the Sun, spatially stirring with alacrity at 30 miles per second, Hermes is still confronted with the impervious frost of The Timekeeper (retrograde Saturn). The projection of the Mercury-Saturn Rx square creates repressive communications stemming from a somber conflict of perspectives. The residual effect of disagreements can lead to the severing of relationships (or, at least, the consideration of), resulting in communication withdrawal coupled with the saturnian trademark of gloom, depression, and anxiousness. Instead of withdrawing from conflict, however, it’s favorable to recognize its source and allow external rectification. While disparities exist, outside impositions can force analysis of internalized ideas and perceptions. Ideally, the goal is to broaden one’s scope of perceptive experience as much as possible. If the process of self-discovery reveals rigidity in cerebral constructs, radical mental reconstruction is highly favorable.

As the Scorpio full Moon pierces the cosmos with rapacious explosion, anaretic Uranus exhaustingly struggles to conclude its excursion in Aries. Having the planet of erratic, unorthodox individuality at 29° Aries, the pioneering reserves of The Ram can project irresponsibility, rigidity, insensitivity, and inflexibility, all while lacking the capacity to learn from others out of sheer eccentric stubbornness.

With the full Moon’s arrival of great power comes the magnitude of virtuous responsibility. There is an insurmountable obligation to implement ethical principles to our endeavors, instead of ‘fighting to the death’ for ego-driven dominion. We are summoned to prioritize, strategize, and take corrective measures to maintain and improve vitality on all levels. As the cosmos propel forceful change, we are wise to manage our conduct in a manner that preserves personal excellence and integrity. Our word must be forged with precise impeccability and our actions tempered by the grace of pure consciousness.

The Full ‘Pink’ Moon at 9°38’ Scorpio occurs on 4/29/18, on the day of Helios and late hour of Jupiter (8:58 EDT).

Copyright (c) Saturn & the Sun Astrology. All rights reserved.

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