Gemini’s Journey: The Cycles of Castor and Pollux

As the solar rays relinquish the solidity of The Bull’s strewing soil, the Sun’s speeding momentum now illuminates the dual inquisitiveness of The Twins’ mortal and immortal selves. Dioscuri, The Twins, or Castor and Pollux, are the two principal stars of the Gemini constellation. As noted in Smith’s Classical Dictionary, “They were the sons of Leda. Pollux and Helen were the children of Zeus, and Castor was the son of Tyndareus, also the daughter of Clytemnestra.” Therefore, deemed part divine and part human via conception, the brothers’ dual nature is emphasized. The true meaning of Castor and Pollux, however, is embedded in their etymology. Castor, derived from the Latin word castus, implies chastity, while Pollux means to defile or pollute. The Twins, signifying the higher and lower selves, or the Individuality and Personality on the mental sphere, are likewise, the two centers of consciousness embedded in the soul’s higher and lower manifestations.

In Gemini the soul must swiftly explore its energetic capacity for variety. The mind, potent in the art of analysis, bifurcates the soul, initiating the realization of its polarity. The proportions of ying and yang egress, and, propelled by the oscillating current of day and night, the revelation of dual existence shatters the solidarity of experience. From the initial spark that illuminates the dual-being, the language of binaries blazes, unearthing the capacity to encrypt life. As the self discovers the infinitesimal possibilities contained within, it is compelled to explore the broadest amplitude of experience.

The cerebrospinal system is the conductor and carrier of physio-chemical electricity, associated with the energy of Mercury (ruler of Gemini). As messenger, Hermes (or Mercury) utilizes the electrical energy of thought and the subtle nerve fluids generated by Jupiter. As the god of oration, Mercury refers to the mental prowess necessary to become an adept speaker of gnosis. In its evolved realm, Mercurial Gemini is not merely a proficient speaker, he voices truth as echoed by wisdom.

To exert his full potential (particularly if the native’s lunar node resides here), Gemini must learn to transcend the confines of communication and intelligence. Intellect and analysis are a mere bi-product of Gemini’s evolutionary process. While speech and deductive reasoning are key themes for The Twins, the psychic process of Gemini embodies the entirety of organic perception. Gemini must ingurgitate itself with mobile investigation, for the solidified stasis akin to Taurus is antithetical to The Twins. The unembellished, raw facts of perception, independent of interpretation and meaning, are Gemini’s ultimate motivators. The Twins’ destination is energized by the boundless scope of limitless experience, maintaining full receptivity in the face of incomprehension. In other words, The Twins’ evolutionary path resides in allowing the Universe to unravel before him in its full mystery. Without room for complacency or dogmatism, Gemini amalgamates experience, welcoming both the chaos and marvel of life.

The Sun ingresses into Gemini on May 20th, 2018, at 10:15 PM ET.

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