The Sea Goat’s Descent: Full Moon at 6° 28’ Capricorn

Update: The video segment for this lunation can be found here .


At 6°28′, Capricorn’s first face plunges into the earth’s bones with impervious density. Forced to contend with the depths of primal matter, the subtle layers of perception are pulverized. Here is Akephalos, The Headless One, with sight in his feet, but also Asklepios, the god of healing. As The Bull proliferates and The Virgin refines, The Sea Goat’s illimitable descent into earthly consciousness seeks to ameliorate the physical vessel.

The Capricorn lunation is domineered by The Gate Keeper, Saturn, via potent conjunction. Its gelid cloak is cast over Luna, enshrouding the luminary with the sobering importance of emotive obligation. In nature, Saturn’s vibration is cohesion: it binds in order to wield stability. Its glacial rings (up to -203° C/ -333° F) symbolize boundaries (within a certain radius), precisely structured to establish gravitational foundation. Symbolically, when Saturn’s rings approach the mutable Moon, we are required to analyze the underlying cause of loneliness, isolation, and general pessimism, particularly relative to domesticity. Adding a deeper layer of introspection, retrograde Saturn can force us to confront internal discord between self-perception and idealism.*

At 6°19′, fixed star Kaus Borealis conjoins the Moon. The northern star in The Archer’s Bow, illuminated by the spirit-blaze of Jupiter-Mars, is associated with promoting mental stimuli, enterprise, and a sense of justice. Likewise, this star influences the promotion of idealistic and humanitarian endeavors. At 8°18′, Facies, The Archer’s Eye, also conjuncts Luna, a nebula charged by Jupiter-Pluto, which traditionally holds violent cosmic symbolism. Indicative of penetrating action, Facies can manifest as either fortuitous leadership or ruthless tyranny. Conjunct the Moon, Facies cautions against ‘violence or turmoil’ and indicates the potential for embodying either ‘the sadist, or the humanitarian’ (the latter benefitting children or minorities). [Brady, p.167]

In Aries, Chiron’s challenging square to the Sun, Moon, and Saturn
stirs injuries of courage and assertion. Repressed anger surfaces as Mars (ruler of Aries) is retrograde and conjunct the karmic South Node. While retrograde Saturn activates guilt stemming from the past, retrograde Mars-South Node revisits emotionally charged scenarios having lacked the necessary fortitude of self-support amidst adverse conditions. However, Chiron’s strengthening trine to Mercury in (anaretic) Cancer and the Leo North Node provides opportunity to compassionately voice our truth.

As final dispositor of the Full Moon in Capricorn, retrograde Saturn internalizes lessons that structure the equilibrium of the Cancer-Capricorn axis. In order to solidify the foundation of our domestic and vocational spheres, Saturn’s vibration implores that we analyze the condition of our personal goals relative to our intimate lives. If this axis is imbalanced, we can expect Saturn’s uncomfortable presence to dispel, by any means necessary, aspects of our lives that either neglect the importance of our inner worlds or compromise the pursuit of worthy goals. Realize that Saturn does not function through the emotional lens of Cancerian nurture: The Time Keeper imparts lessons through detached discipline. Instead, Saturn rewards laborious diligence, maturation, stoicism, and the solidity of our life’s structures. Use the Saturnian sway of this lunation to re-structure areas of your life that no longer align with your potential, intimately and in unison with the fulfillment of honorable work.

*Technically, Luna trines Uranus, although weak in influence due to its wide orb (4°33).

The Full Moon in Capricorn occurs on:

  • June 27th, 2018, at 9:52 p.m. PST, day of Mercury and hour of Venus.
  • June 28th, 2018, at 00:52 a.m. ET, day and hour of Jupiter; 4:52 a.m. GMT, hour of Venus.

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