Mercury Cazimi

Mercury Cazimi

September 20th, 2018: Mercury Cazimi

When in its own domicile, a planet is considered impervious to the Sun’s beams. For example, while the Sun currently illuminates Virgo, fleet-footed Mercury’s recent ingress into The Virgin remains impenetrably poised, as a result of his domicile (and exaltation). However, as Mercury swiftly approaches the heart of the King on 9/20/18, he will be enveloped within 16 arc minutes of the solar rays. This condition, known as Cazimi, is the Medieval astrological term that defines closely conjoined planets (within 16 arc minutes).*

The King’s Heart

When a planet is ‘in the heart’ of the King, or Cazimi, it is, simultaneously, shielded and strengthened in the commencement of a new solar cycle. The Medieval term Cazimi is the Latin transliteration of the Arabic term ‘kaṣmīmī’, implying ‘as if in the heart’. Essentially, this is the translation of the Greek term egkardios (meaning ‘in the heart’), originating in the works of Rhetorius of Egypt, circa 7th century CE. *There are disparities amongst Medieval sources regarding the exact proximity between the Sun and another planet in order to be deemed Cazimi, with earlier authors attributing a broader 1° value and later astrologers decreasing range to 16’. However, even the 16′ value presents discordance amongst later astrologers. William Lilly, for example, extends Cazimi to 17′. For the purposes of this article, I will be focusing on the tighter value of 16 arc minutes. 


Meticulous Messenger

Traditional associations of a dignified Mercury punctuate sharp intellect and cogitation. Here, debaters and logicians mastering knowledge and articulation are rendered, as are seekers of mysteries, amalgamating information without external guidance or teachers. Of additional Mercurial attributes, Lilly emphasizes those being “ambitious of being exquisite in every Science, desirous naturally of travel and seeing foreign parts: a man of an unwearied fancy, curious in the search of any occult knowledge; able by his own Genius to produce wonders; given to Divination and the more secret knowledge; if he turn Merchant, no man exceeds him in a way of Trade or invention of new wayes whereby to obtain wealth.”

Since Mercury in Virgo is already in his domicile and exaltation, on 9/10/18, its momentary Cazimi placement will doubly fortify its Mercurial correlations. As a rare and auspicious election, The Messenger oversees cerebral activities involving dexterity and precision, strengthening his associations with critical thinking, judgement, and, traversing the ninth place (see chart election), grants swift and safe journeys.

Ursa Major

Mercury Cazimi on Fixed Star Alkaid

Mercury and the Sun, at 27°34’ and 27°47’ respectively, conjoin fixed star Alkaid, at 27°10’ Virgo, the final resplendent white star perched on the tail of the Great Bear. Although Benetnash (Alkaid) is considered the star of “hired mourners” with the influence of a “Mars-Uranus-Saturn” nature, it is said to grant protection in travels. The Mars-like quality attributed to Ursa Major is pronounced in Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos. “Of the stars in the configurations north of the zodiac… those in Ursa Major (are like) that of Mars.” According to Agrippa in Three Books of Occult Philosophy, the ancients inscribed an “image of a pensive Man, or of a Bull, or the Figure of a Calf; it availeth against incantations, and maketh him who carrieth it secure in his travels.” If one wishes to further implement the protective properties of this star, chicory juice with wormwood and periwinkle flower should be combined with a magnetic stone such as mineral magnetite (lodestone). Specifically, of The Bear, Agrippa ascribes rulership over “the loadstone; amongst herbs, over succory or chicory, whose leaves and flowers turn towards the north; also mug-wort and the flowers of periwinkle…” According to Hermes on the 15 Fixed Stars, this combination repels enchantments, dryness, and grants safe excursions.

Mercury Election


The September 20th election is ideal for travel, journeys, and all matters pertinent to the ninth place. Of the ninth, this extends to foreigners and foreign lands, religious associations, astronomy, astrology, oracular decrees, philosophy, and prophecies. Like the third place, where Luna traditionally rejoices, the ninth is the Sun’s joy, emphasizing authorities and sovereigns.

For this election, while the ruler of the first is Saturn, he is posited in his domicile. Being a diurnal chart, Saturn is not the malefic contrary to the sect in favor, and both benefics are overcoming The Time Keeper. As a result, his more constructive energies are capable of manifestation. The benefic of the sect in favor, Jupiter, governs the 3rd and 12th places. While there are no perfect elections, and Mars (the malefic contrary to the sect in favor) can present financial challenges in the 2nd place, both benefics overcome him. Luckily, Mars, in aversion to Saturn, cannot extend his malefic energy to the domicile lord. Although separating, Venus, ruler of the 10th and 5th, is in a square configuration to Mars. Aside from the auspicious implications of Mercury Cazimi, note that the Sun and Jupiter rejoice in the 9th and 11th, respectively.

In the King’s heart, Mercury (Cazimi) is graced with the protective warmth of the solar rays. Additional fortitude is granted by The Messenger’s journey through his Virgoan domicile and exaltation. On 9/20/18 at 3:44 PM EDT, this celestial portal will briefly offer guardianship in excursions, adorned by Alkaid’s fiery light. To commence travels, this is one favorable election.


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