Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter In Sagittarius

Wolfegger Hausbuch, Die Kinder Jupiter

Jupiter Ingresses into Sagittarius

Jubilant Jove: the Greater Benefic’s Composition

Babylonian astronomers were the first documenters of Jupiter. As the fifth planet from the Sun, Jupiter is the fourth brightest celestial sphere in our solar system. Jupiter’s mean diameter is 138,346.5 km, 11 times that of the Earth. Jupiter’s orbital phase is 11.8618 years, creating a 5:2 ratio to that of Saturn. Of all celestial bodies in our solar system, Jupiter has the speediest rotation, at 9 hours, 55 minutes, and 30 seconds. Jupiter’s swift rotation is the product of its intricately colossal magnetosphere (composed of hydrogen and helium), enveloping Jupiter’s 79 moons. This amplifying energy alludes to the atmospheric, genial warmth that astrologically corresponds to Jupiter. Expansively, Jupiter radiates more energy than it receives from the Sun.

Jupiter is a diurnal planet, of hot and moist nature, and of sanguine temperament. He is considered to be the Greater Benefic in traditional astrology, ascribed to ‘temperance, modesty, sobriety, and justice.’ [1] He is retrograde approximately 120 days. During his stay in Sagittarius, Jupiter will turn retrograde on April 10th, 2019 at 24°21′ Sagittarius and station direct on August 11th, 2019, at 14°30′ Sagittarius.

Jupiter In Sagittarius: The Archer’s Domicile

Jupiter Ingresses Into Sagittarius

A planet in its own domicile readily possesses the tools to initiate and consummate its quest. Neither exaggerated (exaltation) nor constricted (detriment, fall) in its energetic framework, a planet in its domicile functions as effortlessly as the qualities it embodies. On November 8th, 2018, at 7:39 AM ET, Jupiter, ingresses into his anticipated year-long Sagittarian domicile (until December 3rd, 2019) where his bow is fully drawn in sweeping flight. This ingress oversees the full expression of the eternal, fiery force of courage, the primal fire reflected in opportune angularity. This marks the initial trajectory of Jupiter in its domicile, with all of the necessary weaponry to swiftly liberate and expand its Jovian embodiment.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Medieval Arrowheads

The Centaur’s Aiming Eye

Upon the astrological plane, Sagittarius is the mobile unit of the fiery trigon. He serves as the governing force of humanity, and that which oversees the necessity of justly law and order. In this expression, the bow, a metaphor for strength or force, flings its arrows in any opportune direction. This forward momentum of restless energy interminably seeks new modes of expression. Arising from the external plane’s chaos, this expressive reflectivity develops organization. As author of noble charity, the genuine son of Jupiter signifies higher moral character and humanitarian qualities. Upon the astrological sphere, Jupiter is deemed the Greater Benefic, possessing the highest form of human expression and rarest qualities of justice. The Centaur, too, is a symbol of secular knowledge, and its influence indicates external powers of merciful command as a result of its mental organizational skills. Representing the muscular foundation, Sagittarius is the emblem of stability, foundation, and physical power. Overseen by Jupiter, the Centaur’s locomotive star will aid in the yearly amplification of Jupiter’s worldly wisdom.

Jupiter Cazimi (in Sagittarius): Fiery Fortitude

2018 Jupiter Cazimi, 13’ orb at 4° Sagittarius.

While Jupiter Cazimi occurs yearly, Jupiter Cazimi in Sagittarius occurs once every twelve years. While a planet in its domicile is shielded from the solar rays, a planet simultaneously in domicile whilst Cazimi is doubly fortified. Such is the case with Jupiter in Sagittarius, on November 26th, 2018 (8:11 AM ET). Both the Sun and Jupiter are joined in a stellium with Mercury retrograde, which can impact the places overseen by the Messenger (in this example, the 7th and 10th houses, respectively), heralding potent initiations, provided that its transformative properties are respected. Having mentioned this, however, there are specific reasons why I will forgo this Jupiter Cazimi election, which will be discussed in a forthcoming article. For the purposes of this post, I am providing this information as it pertains to the ingress of Jupiter into Sagittarius.

The King’s Heart

When a planet is ‘in the heart’ of the King, or Cazimi, it is, simultaneously, shielded and strengthened in the commencement of a new solar cycle. The Medieval term Cazimi is the Latin transliteration of the Arabic term ‘kaṣmīmī’, implying ‘as if in the heart’. Essentially, this is the translation of the Greek term egkardios (meaning ‘in the heart’), originating in the works of Rhetorius of Egypt, circa 7th century CE. *There are disparities amongst Medieval sources regarding the exact proximity between the Sun and another planet in order to be deemed Cazimi, with earlier authors attributing a broader 1° value and later astrologers decreasing range to 16’. However, even the 16′ value presents discordance amongst later astrologers. William Lilly, for example, extends Cazimi to 17′. Considering all three variations, I choose to focus and work within the 16′ range. 


Lilly, William, Christian Astrology

Brennan, Chris, Hellenistic Astrology

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