Welcome to saturnandthesun.com, an astrology blog offering articles and services for self-awareness and continual personal development.

In Vedic astrology, it is said that one of the most challenging chart aspects is the dialogue between the Sun and Saturn. In accordance with this principle, I named this blog as such: not because one is doomed by difficult aspects, but rather, because it is quite often noted that the most challenging aspects create an impetus for success, growth, and potent self-actualization.

My approach to astrology is an amalgamation of different traditions. While I cast and interpret Western charts, I retain knowledge in traditional, Hellenistic, Vedic, and horary astrology. My method of interpreting charts maintains a broad spectrum of research from a plethora of sources, and is certainly not exclusive to any single tradition. I approach astrology as a life-long odyssey, interminably seeking and building upon existing knowledge.  Ultimately, the main objective herein is the restoration and preservation of the depth, intricacy, esoteric value, and timeless intrigue that has long been lost in Western astrology.


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