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Saturn and the Sun Astrology


Welcome! My name is Raquelle Puchol, and I am a practicing astrologer in Kendall, Florida, USA.

My studies in the modern, western tradition of astrology were transient, with philosophical reservations towards the similitudes of late 20th century astrology and the New Age movement. While tracing the origins of post-Renaissance astrology, I briefly ventured into Jyotisha and the Yavanajātaka, whose Sanskrit translation of Greek text indirectly served as my cue to investigate traditional astrology. Upon researching the Hellenistic and Medieval techniques, I was, simultaneously, becoming equally impressed by the Egyptian asterisms and the sidereal fixed stars. In practice, I now incorporate the outer planets of modern astrology with traditional astrology.


I was guided on how to incorporate traditional techniques into my practice via Demetra George’s Traditional Astrology 101 and 102 workshops. Afterwards, I have completed certificate courses in Electional and Hellenistic astrology with Chris Brennan. As a life-long student of astrology, I interminably seek to expand upon existing knowledge, and continue to learn from as many sources as possible.


I hold a BFA in oil painting and an Educator’s Certificate (in art and English) from FIU. My teaching background facilitates simplifying information when providing a reading and offering educational lectures. As for visual art, I am slowly beginning to merge it with astrology.


In Vedic astrology, it is said that one of the most challenging chart aspects is the dialogue between the Sun and Saturn. In accordance with this principle, I named this blog as such: not because one is doomed by difficult configurations, but rather, because it is quite often noted that the most challenging aspects create an impetus for growth and self-actualization.


Prior to a natal or electional consultation (via Skype, Zoom, phone, or in-person), you can expect ample research on my part in order to provide the best possible service. Consultations can be scheduled here or by contacting me directly at: saturnandthesun@gmail.com