Spirit-Blaze: Full Moon at 8° Sagittarius

At 8° Sagittarius (decan I), the full Moon is emblazoned by the fiery ferocity of Mars. Sparked by spirit-blaze, this lunation ignites the psyche’s potential liberation from varied realms of restrictive experience.

Forming a grand (fire) trine with Arian Chiron and the Leo North Node, this lunation has the power to pulverize façades, erupting the healing properties of truth. By aligning one’s inner guidance with devoted vulnerability, the ameliorating potential of this trine is activated.

At 9° Sagittarius, fixed star Antares conjuncts Luna, further accentuating the Mars-Jupiter energy of this scorching lunation. Antares, the royal scarlet star of Persia at the core of Scorpio’s constellation, consists of the words Ant and Ares, where the “former means against, or in opposition to, and Ares is the Roman name for the planet Mars and Aries” (Carey). ANT-ares refers to the de-structive energy of Mars, also known as Ta Who, or the Great Fire. Mythologically symbolic of extremes, Antares cautions against self-sabotage via unresolved obsession. However, thematically, this star generates success via transformative regeneration, and, in paran with the moon, a willingness to confront penumbras. In parallel, Jupiter (Sagittarius’ ruler, now retrograde in Scorpio), proposes that the ferocious fire of this lunation is suitably steered into illuminating the psyche’s shadow. Jupiter encourages the expungement of antiquated belief patterns. It facilitates the release of repressed growth by confronting fears and liberating the Self from mental impediments.

The Full Moon is one of speed and erupted vision, birthing ideas through the imagination’s velocity. This decan stirs scenes of physical and mental swiftness, potently swaying in accordance with inner vision. In the Yavanajataka, the imagery presented is that of “a man whose bow is drawn and whose speed is as violent as a horse’s. He has a knowledge of chariots and weapons…” The bow, vehicle for the body, transports swiftness toward its intended target. Analogous to the arrow or bullet, dissuasion is futile once the will’s motion is set, although mobility must eventually cease. Despite the planetary urge for swiftness, Mars’ conjunction to the Aquarian South Node cautions against over-exertion and the necessity to regenerate one’s vitality by adjusting trajectories to a measured pace. Augmenting the internalizing influence of Jupiter retrograde, Mars, ruler of Scorpio, is in retrograde shadow (as of May 12th). Instead of reliance on external acceptance, the preferred path fully aligns with heart-centered authenticity.

The blazing lunation’s journey is cleansed by the brilliant billow of a grand water trine (perfected the following day as Venus reaches 15° Cancer). Jupiter’s trine to Piscean Neptune evokes the potential for potent spiritual expansion, perforating portals to higher consciousness. Cancerian Venus, occupying a third water sign, fosters compassionate grace and altruistic love with depth of emotional expressiveness. Expanding concordance, the Full Moon sculpts a Mystic Rectangle, fortified by the lunar nodes at 7° 33′ of Leo and Aquarius, accentuating elemental fire (Leo and Sagittarius) and air (Aquarius and Gemini). The Fire-air combination is an exceptionally creative pairing that harmonizes ideas, inspirations, and plans with the capacity for execution.

This lunation’s precipice, forming a potent yod with the Gemini Sun and Leo North Node, is governed by Saturn, the final dispositor of this Moon’s chart. The Timekeeper’s somber lessons echo an inner serenity of surrender and wisdom in knowing that the highest possible outcome is naturally embedded in the essence of experience. While Kronus’s cold rings may stir fear in attempts to control life’s natural oscillation during this Full Moon, elevated potential is accessed through the soul’s relinquishment of boundaries from barred experience.

The Sagittarius Full Moon occurs on May, 29th, 2018, at 10:19 AM ET.

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Gemini’s Journey: The Alternate Cycles of Castor and Pollux

As the solar rays relinquish the solidity of The Bull’s strewing soil, the Sun’s speeding momentum now illuminates the dual inquisitiveness of The Twins’ mortal and immortal selves. Dioscuri, The Twins, or Castor and Pollux, are the two principal stars of the Gemini constellation. As noted in Smith’s Classical Dictionary, “They were the sons of Leda. Pollux and Helen were the children of Zeus, and Castor was the son of Tyndareus, also the daughter of Clytemnestra.” Therefore, deemed part divine and part human via conception, the brothers’ dual nature is emphasized. The true meaning of Castor and Pollux, however, is embedded in their etymology. Castor, derived from the Latin word castus, implies chastity, while Pollux means to defile or pollute. The Twins, signifying the higher and lower selves, or the Individuality and Personality on the mental sphere, are likewise, the two centers of consciousness embedded in the soul’s higher and lower manifestations.

In Gemini the soul must swiftly explore its energetic capacity for variety. The mind, potent in the art of analysis, bifurcates the soul, initiating the realization of its polarity. The proportions of ying and yang egress, and, propelled by the oscillating current of day and night, the revelation of dual existence shatters the solidarity of experience. From the initial spark that illuminates the dual-being, the language of binaries blazes, unearthing the capacity to encrypt life. As the self discovers the infinitesimal possibilities contained within, it is compelled to explore the broadest amplitude of experience.

The cerebrospinal system is the conductor and carrier of physio-chemical electricity, associated with the energy of Mercury (ruler of Gemini). As messenger, Hermes (or Mercury) utilizes the electrical energy of thought and the subtle nerve fluids generated by Jupiter. As the god of oration, Mercury refers to the mental prowess necessary to become an adept speaker of gnosis. In its evolved realm, Mercurial Gemini is not merely a proficient speaker, he voices truth as echoed by wisdom.

To exert his full potential (particularly if the native’s lunar node resides here), Gemini must learn to transcend the confines of communication and intelligence. Intellect and analysis are a mere bi-product of Gemini’s evolutionary process. While speech and deductive reasoning are key themes for The Twins, the psychic process of Gemini embodies the entirety of organic perception. Gemini must ingurgitate itself with mobile investigation, for the solidified stasis akin to Taurus is antithetical to The Twins. The unembellished, raw facts of perception, independent of interpretation and meaning, are Gemini’s ultimate motivators. The Twins’ destination is energized by the boundless scope of limitless experience, maintaining full receptivity in the face of incomprehension. In other words, The Twins’ evolutionary path resides in allowing the Universe to unravel before him in its full mystery. Without room for complacency or dogmatism, Gemini amalgamates experience, welcoming both the chaos and marvel of life.

The Sun ingresses into Gemini on May 20th, 2018, at 10:15 PM ET.

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5/15/18: The Moon’s Savage Stir at 24° Taurus

At 24° of Taurus, the seemingly exalted new Moon stirs savage imagery, confronting the potentially destructive forces that function via sub-conscious primitivism. Arabic, Indian, Hellenistic, and later European images of this face are accentuated by Saturn, ruler of this decan in both descending order and triplicity designations of planetary rulership.

According to the Birhat Jakata, the Śarabha is the mythological creature (with eight legs and two heads that slaughters lions) corresponding to the third face of Taurus. In Ezra’s work, this Taurean decan describes a man of ‘white feet and elongated teeth visible outside his lips.’ His reddish hair echoes his complexion, and ‘his body resembles that of an elephant and lion, and he is not reasonable…’ In parallel, the animal brain, or the ‘bull-headed god’ of the Age of the Golden Calf, symbolizes the stage of human evolution when the sub-conscious mind is both lacerated by primal passion and oblivious to the utterance of reason. Alluding to the primal faculties of sub-consciousness, one of the body parts allocated by Taurus is the cerebellum, from ‘cere’ or seed, and ‘bellum’, Latin for war and antagonism.

In addition to ancient pictorial correspondences, this lunation coincides with potent fixed stars and clusters. At 24°, the fixed star Algol resides within the exact degree of the Taurean lunation, followed by Capulus at 26°, and the Seven Sisters of Industry (or Pleiades) a few degrees later. Algol, known as a beastly head fueled by focused passion, correlates to Lilith (the first wife of Adam in Talmudic Law). This seemingly malefic star, depicted as the winking head of Medusa, equally alludes to the Lilithian female kundalini energy. Its immensely feminine passion and dominance is akin to the potential power of Gaia. Additionally, the Pleiades cluster offers insight into the occult, leading to encounters with both the ‘best and worst in human nature’ (noted in Brady’s Fixed Stars). This cluster’s lunar attribute, likewise, parallels the New Moon’s trine to Pluto. Void of the light of reason, desires to intensely and passionately merge are dominated by depth and obsessiveness, weaving a precarious gossamer of convoluted extremes (again, the ‘best and worst’, dissolving equilibrium).

Perhaps the most prominent impetus during this lunation is the anticipated circuitry of anaretic Uranus, squaring Mars, and entering Taurus (at 11:16 AM, EDT shortly after the exact lunation, at 7:48 AM EDT). Uranus is the riotous, individual quality inherent to the structure of the mind. Nothing is more rapturous to it than the prospect of insurgence. In essence, the transcendence of cultural and social programming, particularly in relation to the collective and individualistic perspective of currency, is the vigorous current of Uranus’ impending ingress into Taurus.

Operating on sensation instead of action, Uranus in Taurus functions through a Venusian lens. However, Uranus transcends worldly matter, aligning with the elevated realms of thought. The innate incompatibility between worldly desires and transcendental exaltation is the impetus behind forthcoming revolutionary change. Historically, Uranus’ previous Taurean transit, from June 1934 to May 1942, ushered a plethora of revolutionary fluctuations, including economic shifts deviating from the U.S. gold standard coupled with bank closures, the lamentable rise of the Hitler regime, and the Great Depression (to the middle of World War II). In essence, values inherent in materialism were as challenged by the erratic undercurrent of Uranian transcendence as they are currently underway. Now, decades later, we arrive at a similarly pivotal precipice of change. As we experience individual (and collective) dissolution of the tyrannical structure of monetary transaction, newly inventive forms of exchange will be embraced, orchestrated by the principle of self-worth.

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The Soaring Serpent: Full ‘Pink’ Moon at 9°38’ Scorpio

One of the Babylonian names for Scorpio is Uighur Ali, denoting a creature which belongs to and arises from the underworld. Its esoteric symbol, the White Eagle, is emblematic of the Divine promise of regeneration, and, ultimately, the transcendence of Death. The soaring serpent (yet another Scorpio emblem), ascending from the nethermost crevasses of earthly barricades, sheds the coiling ruins of primal mortality, and soars in eternal unison with the piercing rays of pure consciousness.

Occurring at 9°38’ of Scorpio, this lunation reflects the first face (or decan) of Scorpio. The image from the Yavanajātaka for decan I Scorpio is “a blazing man whose staff is fierce to his enemies. His sword is drawn, his armour is of gold; his flames are fanned by anger. He sports with serpents whose poison is sharp.” The Scorpio Full Moon, in ancient imagery as well as triplicity/ parasara, is saturated by the primal force of Mars, whose vitality is propelled by rage. If mismanaged via destructive energy, one risks compromising one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

The multi-incarnate journey of Skorpios, then, propelled by both Martian rapacity and Plutonian transcendence, is the focal point of this lunation, synchronistically intensified by the ferocious conjunction of its two rulers, Mars and Pluto. The ongoing battlefield of the Mars-Pluto Rx conjunction, having initially stirred on 4/21/18, reached its exact precipice on 4/26/18, and will, come the Full Moon, charge at a nearly exact 22-21° Capricornian junction. Mars-Pluto Rx is not as indicative of anger as it is of rage. The compulsive drive for power projected by this conjunction can, at best, generate the persevering tenacity used to activate personal transformation. However, operating via coercive tactics, this aspect can be the root of great cruelty and violence. The act of ‘taking by force’, which is not exclusive to rape and assault, can encompass thievery of all forms.

Already in her fall in Scorpio, traditionally, the Moon sees the precise degree of her fall in decan I (of Scorpio), where the need to be nurtured both physically and emotionally can summon a ravenous tone. Through understanding the cyclical nature of desire, the wise arrive at self-mastery of their natures. In this decan, one is summoned to confront the cycle of hungers as both the debts and pleasures of incarnate being. The principles of asceticism exist to manage mental and physical desires, offering temporary detachment from the cycle. For this reason, fasting is a key component to a plethora of rituals, enabling the mind access to the realms of those who do not hunger. Often viewed as a seemingly tortured decan, it merely exposes a challenging truth. Confronting the cycle allows for further detachment: lashed to a wheel whose revolutions we understand, our movements can be strategized and plotted to ceasing the slavery of momentary desires.

The Sabian theme for 9° of Scorpio, alludes to reparative necessities including (but not limited to) speech, the prevention of frivolous chatter or gossip, and possible miscommunications. This warning parallels the dynamic of the Mercury-Saturn Rx square. As the closest planet to the Sun, spatially stirring with alacrity at 30 miles per second, Hermes is still confronted with the impervious frost of The Timekeeper (retrograde Saturn). The projection of the Mercury-Saturn Rx square creates repressive communications stemming from a somber conflict of perspectives. The residual effect of disagreements can lead to the severing of relationships (or, at least, the consideration of), resulting in communication withdrawal coupled with the saturnian trademark of gloom, depression, and anxiousness. Instead of withdrawing from conflict, however, it’s favorable to recognize its source and allow external rectification. While disparities exist, outside impositions can force analysis of internalized ideas and perceptions. Ideally, the goal is to broaden one’s scope of perceptive experience as much as possible. If the process of self-discovery reveals rigidity in cerebral constructs, radical mental reconstruction is highly favorable.

As the Scorpio full Moon pierces the cosmos with rapacious explosion, anaretic Uranus exhaustingly struggles to conclude its excursion in Aries. Having the planet of erratic, unorthodox individuality at 29° Aries, the pioneering reserves of The Ram can project irresponsibility, rigidity, insensitivity, and inflexibility, all while lacking the capacity to learn from others out of sheer eccentric stubbornness.

With the full Moon’s arrival of great power comes the magnitude of virtuous responsibility. There is an insurmountable obligation to implement ethical principles to our endeavors, instead of ‘fighting to the death’ for ego-driven dominion. We are summoned to prioritize, strategize, and take corrective measures to maintain and improve vitality on all levels. As the cosmos propel forceful change, we are wise to manage our conduct in a manner that preserves personal excellence and integrity. Our word must be forged with precise impeccability and our actions tempered by the grace of pure consciousness.

The Full ‘Pink’ Moon at 9°38’ in Scorpio occurs on 4/29/18, on the day of Helios and late hour of Jupiter (8:58 EDT).

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Source Separation and Unification: the Evolutionary Crisis of Pluto Retrograde

As one of the three outer (or ‘invisible’) planets, Pluto is directly correlated to the realization of one’s evolved destiny. Surpassing the trivialities of the material sphere and its worldly concerns, traversing the quotidian absurdities of narrow pursuits, Pluto encompasses the full development and capacity for discernment: truth transcending dogmatic, unscrupulous, and tyrannical behavior is at the forefront of heightened Plutonian energy.

Immutable consciousness remains intact, independent of ego and self-image. Yet within the Soul, polarizing forces surge, manifesting as separate existential desires. This dynamic opposition of desires, wrenching between the urge to attain separation from the Soul’s illusory confinement and the yearning to return to Source creation, is the dilemma of crisis-centered Pluto. Perception of necessity is saturated by the interaction of these two desires, influencing one’s choices, actions, and re-actions, ultimately heralding the cyclical continuum of karma.

The dual archetypes of desire, namely, separation and unification, form a lengthy unfurling of micro and macro-based evolution, encapsulating innumerable lives in the crisis of existential disarray. Through expansive self-actualization, the Soul evolves to exhaust its separating desires, until, finally, the metamorphosis reveals creation-actualized Souls (most commonly referred to as ‘enlightened’ beings). The return to Source, with the progress-ion of lives, becomes the more potent archetype. However, the factual existence of duality accounts for evolutionary responsibility, karma, and experiential reality.

When Pluto embarks on its retrogation period, approximately six out of every twelve months, the status quo is inquired and confronted in a manner that is intimately connected to the individual’s current and natural evolutionary condition. Reactive retreat stems from resulting societal expectations, definitions, and pressures of conformity. As a kinetic process, the continual growth prohibits stagnation, passivity, and crystallization. The desire to return to the soul’s Source is accelerated, yet this process is highly individualized and dependent upon the stage of a person’s evolutionary journey.

At its most profound level, the promotional internalization process of Pluto retrograde manifests as an urge to withdraw from external stimuli, and, since the deepest aspects of the unconscious are stirred by Plutonian energy, this urge may not be actively (or consciously) implemented given a plethora of factors unique to the individual’s evolutionary stage and construct. As a result, the urgency of retreat can simply manifest as a dysphoric, unfulfilled desire. If left inactive, the individual will still sense a fundamental disconnection that remains distinctively unidentifiable unless thorough self-inquiry and work is activated. Pluto’s evolutionary crisis begins with unveiling fears relative to personal disempowerment, often traversing uncomfortable truths and the accompanied hesitation to speak with discernment.

Confronting Pluto involves the examination of life’s elemental futility. The brutality of discernment requires transcendence beyond the comfortable trivialities of quotidian existence, ultimately leading to connection with timelessness, or Source energy. It’s path, albeit accelerated during retrogation, is one of multiple incarnations, aiming at the final dissolution of illusory separateness between Soul and Source.

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