Electional Astrology Consultations

What is Electional Astrology?

Electional astrology is the use of astrology in order to select the most auspicious time(s) for any given event. Electional charts can be used to start a business, organization, creative endeavor, or a wedding, for example. Electional astrology helps select the best time for travel or the most beneficial time to commence a new health regime. In brief, electional astrology is the selection of the best date and time in order to facilitate success in any given undertaking.

Required Information

For electional work, I will require:

1. The event’s location.

2. Available dates and times. This includes days that cannot be used.  For example, January 1, 2019-February 1, 2019 between 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

3. Birth details of individuals involved in the election. Birth details include location of birth (city/ state/ country) and exact time of birth. This information will be used to customize the election relative to the person(s) involved.

Service Cost

Service fees approximate at $100, relative to the time frame of possible dates. Please email me (saturnandthesun@gmail.com) with the above details, or complete and submit the information below, and I will provide you with an estimate. I will then email you a Paypal invoice, and commence work upon payment confirmation.

Service Format

In order of preference, I will email you a list of selected dates and times, along with their respective charts. I will also explain, in written format, why I have chosen the disclosed options.

* In order to provide you with an estimate, please complete and submit the information below. I look forward to working with you!