The Venusian Earth Spirit: Taurus and the North Node

Solar rays now illuminate the constellation of the Bull, heralding the expanding force of the Sun. Taurus, or Torus (meaning protrusion, akin to the protective barrier of the cerebellum), is the fixed modal expression and the first of the earth triplicity. Originally worshipped as a healing god, it thereby emanates the emerging fortitude of Helios, the Sun. With the nourishment of Helios, Taurus steadily plows the earth, preparing the soil for fertility. Like the earth herself, Taurus contains the seeds of prosperity.

Taurus is movement. Slow, steady fluidity of motion accompanies the Taurean journey. Following the divine eruption of fire at the Spring equinox until April 20th, action begins. Here, nature’s visual manifestation and objective fruition takes precedence. Receptive of the electric current generated by the spark of Aries, the Taurean mechanical counterpart seeks to propel growth. Yet the manifestation of this growth is steady, seemingly unswerving, and connecting to a vast reservoir of internal spaciousness. What, then, are the fertile earth’s lessons? The timeless simplicity nestled in the infinitely complex. Its lessons bestow the embodiment of depth without the necessity for verbal translation. Excavating and maintaining profound serenity is the Bull’s task.

The Venusian Bull is indicative of in-volution: the descent of Spirit into matter, clothed in forms and qualities for evolution of natural phenomena. As the second cycle of life, Taurus impregnates the human body with the Arian’s electrical charge. Consciousness seeks the solidity of the strewing soil, spirit grasps the roots of the fleshy earth, feeling for sprouts, for the planetary pull, for the tangible essence of life itself.

With the Taurean lunar Node, the concept of war must be renounced. The impervious frame of the Taurean physicality must be used to assimilate life via sensual experience, arriving at the corporeal alignment with material unification (oneness), pleasure, and absolute serenity. The battlefield is not the Bull’s territory, and must be gracefully relinquished: that, in of itself, becomes the fundamental challenge of this node’s destiny. Objectively, this is a seemingly effortless task, yet from the south node’s (Scorpio) perspective, this proves a formidable feat. Plunging into the limitless battleground is one’s default pattern. One has exhausted countless lifetimes entrenched in the strategy of psychological warfare as it is this very innate proclivity that haunts one without foreseeable resolve. Having been dealt challenging lessons regarding the misuse of power, often early in childhood, bitterly serve to master restraint from repetitive, malicious patterns of authoritative abuse. It is not uncommon to find childhood victims of sexual, verbal, or physical assault with the north node in Taurus, as well as a sense of accompanying guilt that somehow ensures the need to protect parental figures at the detriment of self-liberation and awareness. Again, having exasperated numerous lives intuitively merging and dissolving the self via union with the external, the tendency to guard others, often to the detriment of self-preservation is deeply imbedded in the native’s south node. Therefore, shattering the subconscious parental bond becomes a prominent life challenge.

In this incarnation, the Taurean north node learns to firmly stand in the solidity of its own environment, completely fulfilled by self-value, immersed in the comforting fortitude of the earth’s splendor. The second house of the zodiac wheel is commonly associated with acquisition, including monetary gains, and possessions, but the underlying foundation sought by the subconscious process of accumulating abundance is the fortification of the self. As illusory value is placed on external resources, interminably substituting self-worth, acknowledging that true wealth is solely embedded in one’s essence (or sense of self-value) becomes the essential Taurean path of evolution.

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April 15th, 2018: New Moon at 26º 2′ Aries

The ferocity of life, propelling its volition from a sphere of vacuousness, asserts its place in the world. As such, Aries, the unyielding warrior, is symbolic of life’s impetus. It is the will of existence, and, whether through triumph or self-destruction, one of these paths claims the Warrior.

The promise of bounteous treasures and their lucrative possibilities, as heralded by the 26º 2′ New Moon in Aries, can dazzle and blind us to true values.

This lunation conjuncts, by default, the exhalted Arien Sun and Uranus (the latter, soon to ingress in Taurus), while squaring the Capricornian Pluto. Simultaneously, Mercury, stations direct and begins its post-retrograde shadow trajectory. At home in Aries, we also find Mars conjunct Pluto, as exhalted Venus in Taurus opposes retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio. Finally, Rx Jupiter in Scorpio sextiles Pluto.

There is more than ample elemental activity in the combination of Fire and Earth (mostly concentrated in the cardinal mode), coupled with a cosmic air void. This lunation, then, through the elemental lens, is concentrated in the initiative and creativity of fire with the practicality of earth and its will to produce tangible results.

Uranus symbolizes the untamed human spirit that refuses authoritative constraint. As a conduit for individuality and freedom, it is the part of us that defies hierarchies, rules, and regulations. As the luminaries merge with Uranian energy, we are incorporating the development of rebellious individuality, the capacity to question authority, and ultimately, the *transcendence of cultural and social programming*.

However, Plutonium interception challenges the drive within us to defend and develop our honored individuality. In essence, our identity must be measured in accordance with the recognition (and transformational dissolution of) narrow pursuits. The capacity to discern truth is Pluto’s function, and the realization of one’s destiny must be fully integrated with the development of individuality.

Having implemented the strategic, tempered advice of the last Full Moon in Libra, appropriate action in alignment with personal growth should be less challenging. Again, the Warrior must venture forward, regardless of victory or self-defeat, as this lunation encompasses the fiery Ram’s power of the will to mold evolutionary existence. *The sole method of Arien evolutionary strategy is via crisis selection: ensure you’re fighting a righteous war.*

The New Moon in Aries occurs at 9:57 EDT

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The Chiron Cycle and its Current Piscean Ingress

According to mythology, Chiron (part man, part centaur), became known as the ‘wounded warrior’ after having been injured in the knee by Hercules’s poisoned arrows. Although physical and discernible, Chiron’s injury establishes figurative connotations over psychological wounds. However, capable of transforming challenges into positive assets through the cultivation of talents and mentoring abilities, Chiron can be a source of success if channeled properly.

When there are planetary aspects to Chiron occurring in the natal chart, the individual is said to be truly attuned with and resonant to Chiron, and its position will likely be an area abundant with activities promoting strongly transformative modes of personal-development. It takes approximately 50 years for Chiron to fully journey through all zodiac signs. Therefore, at about the age of 50, everyone experiences a Chiron return. This simply implies that Chiron navigates back to the precise sign and degree located at birth. This is likely to be a time of evaluation, re-orientation, and re-integration. With precise emphasis on the direct present, instead of perpetual quests and youthful ambition, it is now time to appreciate life without concern for schedules, appointments, or deadlines. The Chiron return should be a formidable time of self-discovery coupled with ability to capitalize upon said discovery. Achievements and accomplishments are contemplated while assessing the future. If not already established, it is likewise an opportune time to process the wounds of Chiron. Additionally, it may be a period of pristine insights and perspective regarding difficulties encountered during Chiron’s journey through the entire chart. Becoming more comfortable within the self, there is much to offer others due to surpassed experiences and challenges. Ultimately, there is immense opportunity to raise collective consciousness via personal triumph over obstacles and challenging experiences. Examine Chiron’s natal position and transit to understand its individualized purpose, while focusing on approaches to prosper and create a favorable return.

As Chiron transits Pisces until February 18, 2019 (its ingress began on April 20,2010), there is profound possibility for transcendence, enhanced sensitivity, and metaphysical amplification. Here we find the extrasensory healer, aware of the proper treatment for physical healing or the adequate words to bring psychological amelioration. The path leading to said abilities is arduous, lengthy, often riddled with self-doubt, and seemingly lacking in understanding and trust from external sources. Because of concurrent victimization of the self and others, this enhanced ability is greater and more worthy of attention.

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The Time Keeper’s Return: Saturn in the Tenth / Saturn in Capricorn

As the Great Time Keeper ventures to his home in the tenth house, he is traditionally dignified. Therefore, on both quotidian and esoteric spectrums, one may expect an unswervingly concentrated projection of Saturn. Associated with achievement, honor, ambition, and authority, the midheaven is traditionally symbolic of one’s outer projection on a societal scale. It may be assumed that Saturn in the tenth delineates limitations, delays, challenges in achievement of goals including the competent, external expression of the self, and the frequently unconscious yet intense ambition to succeed despite all costs. This is the general interpretation attributed to Saturn in his own house and sign, familiar to most astrological students, alongside professional proclivities, and the less frequently stressed relationship to the mother and father. As for parental dominance regarding the ambiguous fourth-tenth axis, it is my humble opinion that the maternal figure be attributed to the latter house, since traditionally, it is usually the mother being most involved in the molding of the child’s social attitudes and ethics. It is precisely these values which are emphasized by the tenth house, coupled with desirous ambition in direct proportion to suppressed identity in early life.

The maternal relation of the tenth house to the development of potential as indicated by a tenth house Saturn placement is important to analyze. When this placement occurs, the mother is usually the dominant figure, either through temperamental bias or actual absence/ death of the father. The expression of said dominance manifests through stern, authoritative behavior lacking in warmth and/ or empathy. Preoccupation revolves around rules of behavior, propriety, external opinions, status and/or rank, and an overall emphasis on material (as opposed to emotional) values. Furthermore, the dominance of the mother can be reflected as an instinctual woman equipped with un unconsciously powerful ego beneath a seemingly passive exterior. Often the mother poses challenges through her own ill-health or early death. Therefore, it is imperative that the adult, as the emotional trauma persists well into adulthood, sever psychological ties in order to surpass subconscious influences and reach complete potential.

Identity suppression, restriction of the will, and emotional rejection by the mother is common with Saturn in the tenth house. As a result, males grow to become suspicious of women, while women encounter challenges with the positive expression of femininity. Often the feminine principle is either repressed, or conveyed through the misuse of power. Additionally, women may become consciously aggressive, rejecting the feminine principle within their own psyche. In all cases, the pivotal goal in understanding the potential of Saturn in the tenth is to ameliorate psychological distortions stemming from maternal influences while reevaluating both masculine and feminine roles. Similarly, it is important to note that, while the fourth and tenth houses are rarely considered when problems of a sexual nature are concerned, they have prominent bearing on the area of feminine and masculine roles.

Critical self-consciousness and intense sensitivity to public opinion are common themes with Saturn in the tenth house, along with the fear of failure and a proclivity to attract situations which pose a sense of public embarrassment. These expressions are all embedded in a sense of self-inadequacy. Lucidly navigating through the psychological fog of Saturn in the tenth, where the planet displays concentrated Saturnian energy in the most challenging sense before reaching growth requires considerable integrity and self-honesty. A substantial amount of sentimentality must be excavated regarding motherhood and rigid sexual roles (the latter, having taken its toll on the collective human psyche).

The native’s image is regarded with considerable sensitivity, as Saturn in the tenth’s inclination is to focus on material values. Therefore, the individual’s need for self-importance is saturated by material advantage coupled with social status. An ambivalent undercurrent exists between yearning for exposure and hiding from it, the latter resulting from fear of public humiliation. This is a very self-conscious placement in group scenarios, although it is not as apparent in individual relationships. Likewise, Saturn in the tenth may appear intensely self-conscious in a personal setting yet behave relatively composed with the distant public. Again, it is the image which is important with Saturn in the tenth. The native’s conservative approach to social values is the result of fear regarding one’s compromise in position. Should this characteristic exist in combination with more adventurous factors in the chart, the result may be a notable amount of inner tension.

If an expansive approach is taken to Saturn in the tenth house, the native’s sensitivity, self-consciousness, concern with public esteem, and the persistent urge to demonstrate efficiency and usefulness through achievement all conspire to prepare one for growth. These characteristics benefit the individual in terms of effectively dealing with the responsibility of power. In consequence, one learns diplomacy partnered with compassion as a mode of teaching, structuring, or leading others. The perseverance and strength of the tenth house Saturn native generally leads to success. This individual’s challenge is not the journey once begun, but the initial course of action, as it implies overcoming fear of failure. In essence, the native’s fear of failure, if not overcome, can generate paralyzing inertia. Ultimately, the native’s journey to success is meaningless and its rewards illusory unless this path spawns motivational demonstration to others. That is, the individual’s triumph must inspire success in others. Because it is the work o Saturn in the tenth to provide structure to a group effort, others must gain confidence through the endurance of the individual. Once the individual accepts the challenges of the inner self, Saturn the teacher embodies most beneficiary model.

* It is my opinion, through repetitive natal chart analyses, that the maternal correspondences and childhood experiences attributed to the tenth house Saturn can, oftentimes, also directly apply to individuals whose mothers possess a natal Capricorn ascendant. *

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Lilith in Gemini: Mercurial Maelstrom of Revelation

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Lilith’s astrological significance, as channeled through the stimulus of Gemini, is a whirlwind of cerebral sagaciousness that pulverizes the circumscribed scope of societal misinformation. Its function in society, (as Lilith’s astrological energy maneuvers the masses) is to make knowledge available to all forms of humanity in a manner that is accessible, lucidly understood, and ultimately, used to provide revolutional awareness. In a natal chart, the house placement of Lilith in Gemini, along with its aspects, indicate the availability of this energy within the individual. When implemented in a detached and genuinely altruistic manner, as Lilith indicates the necessary dissolution of ego-driven desires, Lilith in Gemini provides the individual with an interminable supply of knowledge, ingenuity, and the necessary faculties to effectively translate information so that it is understood and used as a tool for continual expansion. 

Lilith in Gemini’s mental magnification propels the mind to such lucidity that it holds the ability to navigate back and forth between experiences or conversations as a means of extending the imagination. The visionary powers of the mind are strong and logical, extending their abilities to promote creative thought or literary talent. Additionally, there is the capacity to remain slightly above the emotional spectrum of relationships, in order to liberate mental navigation and promote its graceful movement in any direction. It is rare to be significantly influenced by others with Lilith in Gemini, since these individuals naturally accept their undeniable right to think as they wish, while respecting this in others as well. Their openness to sensible suggestion is leisurely scrutinized by the mind’s eye while, simultaneously, enriching the limitless faculties of imaginative exploration. Ultimately, the genius factor of this placement may be focused into brilliance. 

The physical manifestation of Lilith in Gemini resides in the unique quality of he hands, including fingers, double-jointed fingers, and/ or heavily veined hands. Additionally, there may be prominent sensitivity, considerable strength, or healing capacity, all within the hands. Psychometric talent is also indicative of Lilith in Gemini, particularly if Lilith is in the third house and water placements are significant. 

The position of Lilith in Gemini is excellent for prompting objectivity, since both the sign and planet indicate reasoning processes. Those with this placement are capable of brilliant recitations, are natural readers, and hold strong logical powers in the imagination. Ultimately, transcendence for Gemini Lilith resides precisely in the proclivity towards emotional detachment. The emotional objectivity capable of reaching with this placement eventually liberates the individual from the programmed conditioning of ideas impressed during childhood. Ultimately, a strong position of Gemini Lilith holds the potential extrication from a the confines of a conditioned fourth saturated with emotional trauma. This, in essence, is the potency of astrological Lilith: detached objectivity as a form liberation.

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