Natal Astrology Consultations

Saturn and the Sun Astrology

My current approach to chart delineation combines traditional techniques (specifically, Hellenistic and Medieval) and modern Western astrology. Using timing techniques, I am able to provide greater precision and context while maintaining an empathic and practical approach that best explores the strengths and growth indicators in the birth chart. My background in teaching, and, therefore, simplifying information, enables me to comfortably interact with a broad spectrum of clients.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, I will need:

  • Your exact time of birth, to the exact minute.
  • Location of birth.
  • Date of birth.

This information is most commonly found in birth certificates or baby books. A few minutes can significantly alter your chart’s interpretation, as precise timing is a key component in accurate chart delineation.
Consultations are offered via Zoom, Skype, phone, or in-person (within the Kendall area of Florida). A recording of our session will be provided via email. Please send me an email at I will then send an invoice via Paypal followed by a scheduling link upon receipt of payment.

The cost is $110, which covers our session and 1-1.5 hours of chart preparation.

Requiring no prior knowledge of astrology on the client’s behalf, an hour birth-chart reading provides comprehensive and empathic guidance surrounding the strengths and potential areas of growth in the native’s life. I try my best to discuss the entire chart, as time permits, with the following areas of focus:

  • The ruler of the Ascendant or Hour-Marker will be discussed, in order to identify the native’s focus, direction, purpose, physical vitality, and key behavioral traits.
  • The chart’s sect (diurnal or nocturnal) and its planets of particular importance. In other words, what your most important planets are according to sect in traditional astrology.
  • Strengths and challenges as indicated by the benefics (Jupiter and Venus) and malefics (Saturn and Mars) relative to sect (day or night chart).
  • Planetary rulers of each place or ‘house’. For example, I will clarify areas such as: what Jupiter’s function is as ruler of the 4th and 7th places, along with his physical placement in the 11th place, which is ruled by the Moon (and so on).
  • Predominant themes in the overall chart. This helps unify information. What is the chart’s main idea or recurring theme(s)?
  • Elements in the chart, including voids and/ or imbalances. Review my blog articles for examples, as this is a part of modern astrology that I still employ.
  • Any specific question(s), as time permits.

The cost is $170, which covers our session and 1.5-2 hours of chart preparation.

A 90 minute consult explores all topics included in the 60 minute reading, significantly expands upon any area discussed in the 60 minute session, and introduces timing techniques with the following inclusions:

  • Profection year (area of concentration for this year) and transits.
  • Zodiacal releasing: a summary of forthcoming periods as seen from the lots. For career/ personal growth, I release from the Lot of Spirit, while releasing from the Lot of Fortune for health concerns.
  • Decans as they relate to important planetary placements in your chart.
  • Pertinent fixed stars and their significance in your chart, as applicable.
  • Practical remediations and lifestyle adaptations to ameliorate challenging aspects in the natal chart.
  • Any additional question(s), as time permits.

The cost is $50, which covers 30-45 minutes of preparation.

A single inquiry consultation will provide insight and guidance to any specific issue by implementing timing techniques, profections, and transits to the natal chart. This session is intended to supplement a prior natal session in order to further explore a particular chart topic.

The cost is $30.

An overview of the three main chart components: the ascendant and ruler, along with the Sun and Moon. This reading is intended as a brief preview of what a natal reading can provide. If this synopsis peaks your interest to investigate further, a discount can be applied to a full natal reading.

The cost is $45, which covers 1 hour of preparation, as a sort of self-imposed, moral obligation. Sliding scale available.

This reading is best employed for newborns-6 years of age, prior to the ego’s full formation. The objective is to improve the quality of a child’s early environment using astrology (and a conscientious parent or guardian). I analyze this chart as I would a typical natal chart, but specifically focus on the areas of life that are most fundamental to the child’s development. In other words, I concentrate on the child’s specific emotional and psychological needs, in order to facilitate ease of growth and self-expression. This is basically my attempt at helping a child gain a better grasp on early life, call me delusional.

Should you need to change your appointment, kindly inform me no later than 48 hours before your scheduled time and I will happily reimburse you in full. Since this time is reserved for you, and I dedicate 1.5-2 hours of preparation beforehand, a refund or rescheduling using the existing payment is only possible with 48 hours or more prior notice.

Input your information below to commence the booking process. Once we have conversed and clarified your expectations for the consult, we can proceed to schedule your appointment and arrange payment. I am honored and look forward to working with you!