Please note: For the time being, online readings are only available on Thursdays.

Reading Types

Natal (Birth) Chart Interpretation
This chart comprises an explanation and analysis of the natal chart, addressing potential and inherent talents. Likewise, difficulties and challenges found in the horoscope as they relate to nodes, aspects, degrees, and fixed stars are discussed. An assessment of the client’s life path and future potentials is given.

Length: 30, 60, and 90 minutes. A 60 or 90 minute reading is recommended for first-time clients due to depth of interpretation.

Progressed Chart Interpretation
This chart provides the client with current astrological status in terms of personal navigation and advancement. It explains the transition from natal to progressed planets and discusses significant aspects, strengths, and challenges as they relate to the client in the present. This tool is useful to understand one’s growth and current area of concentration.

Length: 60, and 90 minutes. A natal chart reading is strongly encouraged prior to this consultation.

Synastry (Relationship) Chart Interpretation
This reading examines specific relationship patterns: personal, intimate, and professional relations. It delineates what does and does not effectively function in the interaction by comparing two natal charts. Both charts are combined to demonstrate strengths, challenges, areas for potential growth, and improvement.

Length: 60 0r 90 minutes.

Children’s Horoscopes
Concise parental guidance tool demonstrating potential and challenges in the child’s astrological construct. Aids in amplification of child’s abilities and strengths.

Length: 30 minutes.

Three-Step Booking Procedure

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Natal (Birth) Chart Interpretation Purchasing Options:

Natal Chart Interpretation – 30 min / $45

Natal Chart Interpretation – 60 min / $80    

Natal Chart Interpretation – 90 min / $112

Progressed Chart Interpretation Purchasing Options:  

Progressed Chart Interpretation – 60 min / $80    

Progressed Chart Interpretation – 90 min / $112    

Synastry (Relationship) Chart Interpretation Purchasing Options:

Synastry (Relationship) Chart Interpretation – 60 min / $80

Synastry (Relationship) Chart Interpretation – 90 min / $112

Children’s Horoscopes Purchase:

Children’s Horoscopes – 30 min / $45

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