Full Moon in Aries 2018

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Glossolalia, 2004, oil on masonite, R. Puchol

How do you maintain grace when confronted by the necessary impetus of severance? This intricate equilibrium is at the heart of the Warrior’s full Moon.

Tempering the Black Flame: Full Moon at 1°59′ Aries

Noted by Ptolemy, the stars poised in the crown of Aries hold the mingled potency of Mars and Saturn. Such is the raw force of the Full Moon in Aries, a cautionary tale of polarities that ushers clean slates with destructive denouements.

Aries Decan I

Aries Decan I

The ferocious apparition of The Ram, as a Mars-fueled blaze of willful expression, is benumbed by Saturn’s glacial penumbra in this full Moon’s blackened backdrop. At 1°59′ Aries, the first decan of The Ram is ignited by Mars. Here, Luna spawns the shears grappled by the incandescent fury of the red planet. The Warrior’s natural orders of separation, however, are wrapped in Saturn’s gelid lead.

Moon square Saturn

Full Moon Configurations

The Moon-Saturn square, one of the central configurations of this lunation, poises Saturn, in his domicile, at the precipice of this chart. The Gatekeeper sits upon the tenth (relative to the Moon), in Hellenistic epidekateia, wielding a superior sign-based square. The battle between the Mars-flared Moon and Saturn’s pulverizing rays can spark relational and emotive paralysis, tarnished by Saturnian fear and restraint. Similarly, communication becomes challenging as the recently Cazimi Messenger is now hupaugos, ‘under the beams’ of the Libran Sun (while squaring Saturn). The Mercury-Saturn square halts verbal reconciliation, as Saturn’s dry rings barricade the binding of words. Blinded by the solar rays, Mercury’s rhythmic pace is hastened, as his opposition to Luna blurs cognitive discernment. Challenging Moon-Mercury configurations often oscillate between polar modes of emotion and logic. In this case, Mercury’s combust rationale is filtered through Luna’s emotive lens.

However, for encouragement, we turn to the applying Moon-Mars sextile, coupled with the flexibility fostered by the Saturn-Uranus trine. The Moon-Mars configuration encourages independence, fueling the Mars-driven Moon with courage and initiatory progress that is, essentially, an act in stoic solitude.

Therein is the secret of cheerfulness, of depending on no help from without and needing to crave from no man the boon of tranquility. Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Lunar Mansion:

Al-Sharatain, the Arabic name for the first lunar mansion, is forged in the tropical boundaries from 0-12°51’ Aries. In Mansions of the Moon, Warnock suggests that Al-Sharatain is attributed to the primal transmission and the power of “creation/ destruction, active energy, and dynamic force.” [Warnock, p.40] This mansion cautions against overt force and momentum in personal relationships and friendships.

Fixed Star Deneb Kaitos Conjuct Luna

The Full Moon in Aries conjoins Deneb Kaitos, a fixed star which, according to Ptolemy, is inoculated by the temperament of Saturn. Perched in the tail of the Sea Monster (or whale), Deneb Kaitos, although pioneering, is liable to stir recklessness, violent tempers, and many quarrels when joined by Luna. (Robson, p.162) This second magnitude star, outshining Menkar’s brilliance in the 19th century, is noted by Ebertin to induce “inhibitions and restraints”, both psychologically and physically. Because this lunation finds the Moon squaring Saturn and opposing Mercury (currently under the beams), and, given the significance of Deneb Kaitos, 0-5 degrees of the cardinal luminaries and Acendant (considering sect, as applicable) should remain particularly alert of mental wellness, especially if an imbalance is currently present.

On the day of Luna, September 24, 2018, The full Moon at 1°59′ Aries is exact at 10:51 PM EDT.


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