October 2018 Astrological Forecast

October 2018 Astrological Forecast Overview

2018 October Astrological Forecast

Master Taking of Tarento. The triumph of Venus, worshipped by six legendary lovers (Achilles, Tristan, Lancelot, Samson, Paris and Troilus), first half 15th.”Desco da parto – support for giving birth. Diameter: 51 cm R.F.2089 Louvre

The Golden Scale

To the Egyptians, the pans of the Balances or Scales were known as the ‘Two Truths’. Thus, to confer its lightness (or truth), the soul’s heart was placed on a golden scale, and balanced against the weight of a feather. If justified by the gods and the forty-two Judgements (judges), a person was granted paradise in the Field of Reeds. In echo, the face of Judgement (Pluto), stationed direct yesterday, as if poised to oversee the wayward waltz of Venus retrograde. Reverberating the Egyptian passage, Venus, too, will be leveling our hearts as she plunges into Scorpio’s waters. She will station retrograde at 10°50′ Scorpio, on October 5th, at 3:05 PM ET.

October Lunations and Ingresses

The eighth of October finds the New Moon at 15°48′ Libra, foreshadowing the Sun’s ingress into Scorpio, on October 23rd, at 7:22 AM ET. The October full Moon illuminates the first decan of Taurus (1°13′), as fleet-footed Mercury ingresses into Sagittarius on October 31st. Indeed, the presence of Venus retrograde in Libra on All Hallows’ Eve marks this month’s eerily resounding endpoint.

Notes on Venus Retrograde

It is helpful to recall prior Venus cycles in order to understand the intimate effects of Venus’s celestial sway as it unfurls before one’s current path. Recollecting one’s Venusian trajectory eight years ago can clarify its forthcoming theme. Note the following:

Natal planets (inner and outer) in Venus’ trajectory will activate the more subjectively challenging effects of this retrograde. Depending on the placement of Scorpio and Libra in one’s chart, Venus’ shadow period will also indicate an elongated stay in a particular chart sector. Generationally, natal outer planets in either Libra and/or Scorpio (from approximately 25° Libra to 10° Scorpio) will be conjoined by transiting Venus during her retrograde, depending on one’s birth year. For example, Neptune is activated from 1953–1962, Uranus from 1973-1977, and Pluto from 1981-1988 (see Venus conjunct Pluto for an idea). Of course, this is highly dependent upon the quality of Venus’ impact (or lack thereof) on one’s personal (or inner) planets, and, ultimately, the magnitude of signification in which effected planets represent in one’s own personal chart.

A Glimpse Into November

While October is weighed by Venus’s station retrograde, November’s shifts promote the unraveling of new trajectory in our lives. As the nodal axis changes signs and jubilant Jupiter arrives in his home of Sagittarius (11/9/18, ET), each ingress greets uncharted shifts and opportunities. Looking ahead, a splendor unfurls as Venus stations direct at 25º14′ Libra (on fixed stars Arcturus and Spica), on November 16th, 2018, at 6:52 AM ET. While Mercury does simultaneously station retrograde in Sagittarius, this period provides time for organization and revision. On this same day, however, we firstly witness both benefics (Venus and Jupiter) simultaneously enthroned in their own domiciles (Libra and Sagittarius, respectively). The emerald goddess gleams as she sheds her post-shadow the following day.

2018 October Overview

(for Venus retrograde dates, see this previous post)

10/2/18: Last Quarter Moon at 9º09′ Cancer, Venus trine Neptune, Mercury square Pluto (18º45′ Libra-Capricorn).
10/7/18: Sun Conjunct Ceres at 14º5′ Libra.
10/8/18: New Moon at 15º48′ Libra
10/9/18: Mercury ingresses into Scorpio, Moon Conjunct Mercury in Libra.
10/10/18: Venus square Mars (10º15′ Scorpio-Aquarius)
10/11/18: Mercury square Leo North Node (2º34′ Scorpio-Leo).
10/12/18 Sun square Pluto (18º47′ Libra-Capricorn).
10/15/18: Mercury conjunct Venus (8º50′ Scorpio).
10/16/18/: First Quarter Moon at 23º19′ Capricorn.
10/17/18: Sun conjunct fixed star Spica.
10/19/18: Mercury trine Neptune, Mercury square Mars (14º30′ Scorpio-Aquarius).
10/22/18: Mercury sextile Pluto (18º52′ Scorpio-Cap).
10/23/18: Sun ingresses into Scorpio, opposite Uranus (0º33′ Scorpio-Taurus).
10/24/18: Full Moon at 1º13′ Taurus.
10/26/18: Sun Conjunct Venus at 3º6′ Scorpio.
10/29/18: Mercury conjunct Jupiter at 27º49′ Scorpio.
10/30/18: Venus square North Node (0º37′ Scorpio-Leo).
10/31/18: Last Quarter Moon at 8º12′ Leo, Mercury ingresses into Sagittarius, Venus opposite Uranus (0º15′ Scorpio-Taurus).


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