Clara, Seattle, WA, 4/8/19

“I requested an electional consultation with Raquelle for a difficult transition process and she provided more help than I anticipated. Her reasoning is explained in clear detail and covering every key factor. I believe she has made my process easier and I am very lucky to have found her.”

Patricia, Sydney, Australia, 2/19/19
“I had an electional consultation with Raquelle and I am so grateful I found her! She was so helpful with everything, I really feel like she went out of her way to help me pick the perfect date, she even provided me with other dates I could use too for the lead up to the event, I have limited knowledge on traditional astrology and electional astrology yet Raquelle explained the astrological reasons behind everything she did really well so that I could understand, I am really happy I found her, you can really tell she cares a lot and wants to help people.”

Sabrina, Miami, FL, 8/8/18
“I booked an hour long session with Raquelle and was blown away by the amount of info she provided. She was incredibly thorough and concise. She’s a trooper too she spent the entire hour explaining my chart to me and we were only able to get about half way. Despite us not being able to verbally finish the explanation, I had booked far enough in advance that she actually hand wrote about 3 pages, front and back, of info (that I still refer to now from time to time to regain clarity and she also added suggestions and recommendations to help with difficult aspects of your chart). She also graciously offered to finish the explanation via Skype free of charge but I’m pretty sure I actually want to book another hour session cause I want to try the Astro-palmistry as well! Highly recommend the information is spot on and helpful.”

Crystal, Miami, FL, 6/30/18
“Raquelle is AMAZING. I’ve been studying astrology for a couple of years and she was spot on with EVERYTHING. I’ve had a full chart reading and a palmistry reading by her and no other astrologer has compared. She takes her time to explain your chart at a basic level so anyone can grasp it. I highly recommend her.”

Megan, San Diego, CA, 6/15/18
“I booked an hour Skype session with Raquelle for a natal reading. The time went far too quickly. This lady exudes such passion for her work that it truly makes learning, even about my challenges, a joyous experience. Her detailed knowledge regarding every single section of my chart was remarkable. Thank you SO MUCH for all your work and guidance! I now have a fresh set of eyes from which to view the world!”

Michael, Miami, FL, 6/15/18
“It was great!! Learned so much in only an hour…. Honestly just sat back and took everything in. I’m still absorbing everything I’ve learned. She explained and interpreted my chart very accurately.”

Karyne, Miami, FL, 6/12/18
“I had such a great experience today! Raquelle is very knowledgeable in her craft, she shared so many great insights and clearly explained my birth chart. It was the first time I have ever had it prepared and read for me this clearly, and I valued her work very much. Thank you!”

Dennis, Miami, FL, 5/27/18
“Wow, can’t say enough about my experience with Raquelle! My chart was pretty rare and complicated and from the onset she showed genuine interest in explaining as much of it as possible so that it may serve me for my greatest good. This kind of authenticity and passion is a rare find. I highly recommend her services and I’m definitely returning to her for further guidance, Thank you Raquelle!!!”

Justine Manetsch, Nyon, Switzerland, 5/17/18

A short word to say thank you about your article on Lilith in Gemini ! It resonnates very strongly and is very close to the path I have been following these last years and that has helped me learned to reason and clean up my communication ( i also did a 4 years jungian therapy).

Finally an article that is objective, constructive and not revolving around ( only) the dark side of Lilith but that sees Lilith as a potential for growth !

With kind regards”

Adriana, Miami, FL, 5/9/18
“Raquelle’s interpretation of my progressed chart was such a treat. I consider myself proficient in astrology and can wholeheartedly say that this lady’s knowledge and professionalism is top notch. She covered my chart in such a detailed way that I was truly left empowered with clarity.”

Suzanne, Homestead, FL, 3/26/18
“I was referred to Raquelle by a metaphysical store and after reading through her blog, decided to book an online session for a progressed chart. It felt like we were in the same room and the reading was very thorough. She provides so much detail, is very knowledgeable and makes everything easy to understand.”

Kayla, Miami, FL, 2/9/18
“This past week I had the opportunity to get a reading done. This was my very first time ever, and had doubts. I was so shocked and amazed on how accurate the reading was. It made me learn a lot of myself, also things to work on in my life, and things to be aware of. Thank you for giving me this amazing experience. I definitely recommend Raquelle.”

Irma, Homestead, FL, 1/24/18
“Last Tuesday 01/16/18, I received a very comprehensive delve into my psyche. Sooo many readings in my life and this one was different from another angle! I wished others explored this path of self empowerment, but it’s never to late at any age to experience where your issues stem from! Thank you I needed it now!”

Dulce, Miami, FL, 1/2/18
“Palmistry reading done in the most revealing, detailed manner possible. Everything was on point, but most exceptional was how she seemed to know I like explanations! She reviewed what each line meant and how it affected me. I never knew about the links between the planets and the fingers! She is truly one of a kind. I felt like I was speaking to an alien (in the best way possible!) because all of her knowledge and insight seemed to be out of this world!! Can’t wait to book an astrology reading with her!!!
❤ ❤ ❤
Love, Dulce”

Liz, World_of_an_empath, 11/01/17
“Raquelle is absolutely amazing, extremely gifted and super professional. We went over health, career, and relationships and pointed out the things that i have been missing. I will highly recommend her. Thank you once again Raquelle for everything you do.”

Algean, Miami, FL, 10/17/17
“I had a natal chart reading with Raquelle at my local crystal shop, where she was highly recommended. I’ve had my chart read before but this was completely different. She basically did not stop speaking until someone knocked on the door. The amount of info was unbelievable. She asks no questions. Every single thing she mentioned was an exact part of my life. Health, relationships, children, siblings, upbringing, current job and vocation. She echoed my entire journey and provided dates for future events. Very knowledgeable, fast but very easy to understand. She is kind, made me feel relaxed, and is passionate about what she does. If you’re on the fence, don’t hesitate.”

Natalia, Miami, FL, 9/26/17
“My natal birth chart reading with Raquelle was excellent and detailed. She is insightful, knowledgeable, professional, and a kind spirit. Thank you! Look forward to working with you soon.”

Veronica, Quito, Ecuador, 9/15/17
“I had an amazing session with Raquelle. Her explanation of my natal chart was very detailed. We had the session via Skype, I felt her energy and kindness like we were in the same room. It was not my first time I had my chart read but for sure this time with Raquelle has been the best experience. She was very positive. She was so clear and she gave me great advice. I booked for 90 minutes and they went so fast. I’m truly grateful, it was a great experience.”

Danay @omvibetribe, Miami, FL, 8/28/17
“I can not put into words how amazing my astrological consultation with Raquelle was… Although, it was my first chart reading, I have attended a couple of readings conducted by other so called “astrologers” with my friends. I have to say, NO COMPARISON! Eventually, I knew I wanted my astrological chart read to learn more about the transits I would be going through. A metaphysical shop that I buy crystals and other goodies from highly recommended Raquelle. The day finally arrived and as she unfolded my chart I realized I was with a total PRO. Her chart assessment skills are “off the chart” and I think this was due to her intuitive abilities as well as her amazing knowledge of this scientific art. She saw things in that chart that amazed me. She saw other things I did not think were possible to be seen in a natal chart but it was there. If you are considering having a reading with Raquelle do not think about it twice. This experience added so much to my self discovery and personal insight. I learned about certain patterns and she advised me on how to navigate through them. I am planning to gift a few astrological chart readings with this fantastic lady to my friends for Christmas. I feel it is a gift that will keep on giving. Do not hesitate to gift yourself  a session with Raquelle.”

Diana, Miami, FL, 8/25/2017
Website: EnhancingLives413.com
Raquelle is absolutely amazing and by far provided me with a quite revealing chart. She not only confirmed a stage in my past life, as well as my present. I highly recommend her and her more then capable services. Thank you & many Divine Blessings.”

Tom, Las Vegas, Nevada, 8/14/2017
“Raquel just provided me with a chart reading that was so accurate that i am comfortable calling what she does a science. This is a great way to peer into the coming months and use your experiences to dictate good decisions from bad. What you should pay attention to in regard to fixing or expanding on your current situation. I cant reccommend Raquel enough. Her reading gave me some major clarity and eased my mind about some deep things that ive been dealing with for sometime. If you are in a place in your life where you feel lost or confused, you should definitely contact Raquel for a reading and i guarantee your mind will be blown. For me personally, my chart and the interpretation she provided hit the nail on the head too well to be coincidental. Emotions and the spirit are very complicated and different for everyone. The details in my chart were VERY personalized and truthful. Her simple and blunt attitude made it all the more enlightening. She will tell you how it is and hopefully youre ready for it.”
– Tom

Karlany, Miami, FL 7/1/2017
“Raquelle gave me a Natal Chart and Progressed Chart reading.
I’ve had my chart read by three different people in the past 2 years and I can honestly say that having Raquelle read my chart was a completely different experience, I was able to understand everything for the first time. She explains everything in an easy to understand way. I got such a detailed reading with so much information that I was able to understand why things were happening and how to change certain patterns. I’m so thankful to have met her, thank you.”

Olivia, Miami, FL 6/30/2017
“I scheduled a Natal Chart reading with Raquelle during a transitional time in my life, to gain some insight into myself and to affirm that I am on the right path. This reading was so much more than I expected– I am at a loss for words to describe this experience. The reading affirmed a lot of things that I was already aware of and also presented A LOT of new information that is totally applicable to my current life stage, AND she gave me much insight into what my future holds for me. Raquelle is such a warm, old soul and I really enjoyed how knowledgeable she is in this field. She made me feel so comfortable during our reading and I left feeling really excited about life.
I can’t wait to set up another reading with her– up next is the Progressed Chart Interpretation!”

Deborah, San Francisco, CA 6/18/2017
“Raquelle did my astrological chart, she is extremely knowledgeable and her experience in explaining the details of what everything symbolizes is very interesting and informative. I would highly recommend at least an hour as there is so much information, the time passes so quickly.”

Juan, Miami, FL, 6/15/2017
“Her knowledge of astrology and how she interprets is clear and relevant. I felt the genuine passion she has toward helping people. Her suggestions were right on point and I feel clear in my vision towards the future. Her explanations were understandable and concise. Amazing level of service from Raquelle. Truly magnificent!”

Demetris, Homestead, FL 6/13/2017
“I got an awesome astrology reading from Raquelle that inspired me to walk on my higher path and revealed parts of my psyche that I may have never paid attention to had she not pointed it out.”

Alice New York, NY, 6/8/2017
“She provided so much information and knowledge about my life path and future potential in just 30 minutes and reminded me to take a step back and realign myself. She exudes passion through her readings and has an amazing energy/aura. My only regret was that I didn’t book for 60 minutes.”

Crys B. Miami, FL, 6/8/2017
“I’ve gotten clarity on so many things and the reading has truly helped me to put things into perspective and really focus on things that matter. Ultimately my goal is progress in all areas of my life and identifying whats holding me back was key. I am truly grateful plus I feel my beliefs were not compromised in any way.”

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